Three Innovative Technologies Coming In 2021

No one could have predicted that 2020 would have turned out the way it did. Knowing how unpredictable the events of 2020 were, it feels strange to make plans for 2021. Fortunately, the tech industry improved a lot over the last 365 days. To cope with this pandemic, over half of the world’s population have used different technologies. People started working remotely, keeping in touch with people over video messaging apps, and even using SaaS businesses to buy their groceries.

New Innovative Technologies This Year

The Covid-19 virus has sparked a sense of urgency in the need for a digitalized world. To realize this, inventors are coming up it ground-breaking inventions that would take the world by storm. That said, here are three innovative technologies coming in 2021

  • Ethical AI. There is no doubt that AI has put the world on the path of continuous progress. So many companies use AI now, but the AI lacks a little something. In 2021, scientists are working on a new “Ethical” AI. This AI would be able to recognize more human emotions. It would be able to handle more sensitive information while having the customers’ interests at heart. Gone are the days when people said AI couldn’t recognize feelings, because in 2021, they may be able to achieve that.
  • More robots, drones, and vehicle automation. Because of the pandemic, the government has restricted our movement. There has been a lack of drivers available to deliver ride-sharing services. Additionally, people can’t go out to get food, groceries, or other necessities. Because of this, scientists and companies are working towards automation of their vehicle. They are also working towards the manufacture and mobilization of drones to cut labor costs and deliver services to people.

 For companies all around the world, it would benefit them if they turn towards robotic assistance. Employees aren’t able to work because of the covid-19 regulations. So, to keep up the production and supply rate, they have to use a lot more robots and drones. This is something we can’t wait to see in2021.

  • Improvement of online work platforms. We have never had to work online as much as we did in 2020. Despite the short notice, the companies that pulled off the “As-A-Service” revolution should be greatly commended for their fantastic work.

Companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and other startups have provided cloud services to store large amounts of information. As a result, it has allowed a lot of companies to work online seamlessly.

Video messaging apps like Zoom have provided communication that connects companies with their employees online. To further help out, companies like Slack have created platforms where employees can work and communicate. This has kept a lot of companies in business since the pandemic began.

In 2021, many of these companies have planned to improve their technologies to enhance online working conditions. They plan to do this by doing things such as improving their network connectivity capacities and updating their software to accommodate the ever-increasing online work presence.

What We Think

We can all agree that the events surrounding Covid-19 have been a bittersweet experience. A lot of lives were lost, and many people are out of jobs. Fortunately, vaccines have been developed to combat this disease. On a lighter note, it has also ushered in a lot of innovative technologies. These innovative technologies will remain relevant for a long time, as the world is shifting towards an increasingly digital era.

Jubril Lawal

Jubril Lawal is a content writer and strategist, and is a student of Obafemi Awolowo University. He is also a mental health and human rights advocate.

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