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Top 5 Adventure Games on Android In 2021

Adventure games are often the most misunderstood game genres in the gaming industry. They fit into a lot of genres, but can’t be defined as a particular genre. For any game to be called an adventure game, it needs to be able to take you on an adventure. Fortunately, a lot of games do this in the current time we live in. This fact goes to show how incorporated adventure is in all the gaming genres.

Many people play Android games, and we know it’s not going to stop anytime soon. Recently, some games have stood out in terms of usage, and uniqueness. So, without further ado, these are the top five Adventure games in 2021.

Best Android Adventure Games in 2021

  • Crashlands

Since its development in 2016, this game has been an internet sensation. Flux is the protagonist of this game, and he is a space trucker. The game’s objective is to lead your hero to retrieve his ego, build your shelter, duel opponents, while saving the world.

It combines a lot of gaming elements such as combat, crafting, and RPG. It presently has a 4.8 rating on Google Play Store, which comes as no surprise. The game costs $4.99, which is a sweet bargain for the quality game you will get.

Adventure game crashlands
  • Evoland 2

This game is currently worth $7.99, and we can say that it is worth every penny. It includes 2D RPG, 3D fighter, trading card, and so many others. As you delve more into this game, you will experience new mechanics combined with new and innovative graphics.

To ensure a more positive gaming experience, we recommend you use a physical controller. It has garnered very positive reviews on Google play, and people have downloaded it millions of times. Thus, it is one of the hottest Android games in 2021 right now!

Evoland 2 adventure game
  • Grand Mountain Adventure

Although this game is new compared to the two mentioned earlier, it is equally impressive. It is a skiing game that combines racing with free-roam gaming elements. In this game, you ski as fast as possible to meet the time requirement.

This game is also very aesthetically pleasing. That said, you can decide to ski around the gaming world and explore. It is currently free to play, but if you want to unlock more mountains to ski on, you would need to pay $5.49.  It is available on Google play.

Grand Mountain adventure
  • 80 days

Eighty days is one of the best Adventure games available on Android right now. The main protagonist of this game is Passepartout, who is Phileas Fogg’s assistant. Your objective is to try and travel the globe in 80 days. How you do this is your choice entirely. Modes of transport include mechanical camels, submarines, trains, and even Airships!

 If that wasn’t tasking enough, you also have to monitor Phileas’ vitals throughout the game. You also race other players to see who will get to the finish line first. It is a very innovative game, and at just $5.99, it is well worth its price tag.

  • Pokemon Go

All hardcore gamers should know precisely what type of game Pokemon is. The suspense, strategy, free-roaming possibilities, along with the mind-blowing RPG gaming elements, make it one of the best Android Adventure games on Android. Until recently, this gaming franchise was only available on Nintendo consoles.

You can design your avatar, and explore the world of Pokemon together. Battle gym leaders, other Pokemon trainers, and catch the rarest Pokemons in this adventure-packed game! Amazingly, this game is free to play on Android, and you can download it on Google Play Store.

Pokemon adventure

What We Think

Some games allow you play for free, while some require you to pay, and that’s fine. Some even provide in-game purchases with payment methods like cryptocurrency to improve your gaming progression. There are many awesome Adventure games on Android in 2021, but these five top the list. But don’t be fooled; there are thousands of Adventure games on Android that promise you the best gaming experience. Who knows? Maybe a few of them will displace these five, and become our top picks before we know it!

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