Three Innovative Technologies Coming In 2021

No one could have predicted that 2020 would have turned out the way it did. Knowing how unpredictable the events of 2020 were, it feels strange to make plans for 2021. Fortunately, the tech industry improved a lot over the last 365 days. To cope with this pandemic, over half of the world’s population have used different technologies. People started working remotely, keeping in touch … Continue reading Three Innovative Technologies Coming In 2021

Business behind bars

When you think of inmates or prisoners, we think about people who have made bad choices in life, people who are an outcast, or more so, individuals that are considered a misfit in a civilized society. Well, wait till you here the story of Frederick Hutson: the 29 year old prison inmate who currently owns a technology company called Pigeonly, a platform that identifies and … Continue reading Business behind bars