The new mantra: change marketing

With the changing trends in digital marketing and content development, business of all sizes and shapes would need to keep pace with the new evolution in the field of marketing. The new marketing mantra is no more just about making sales; it is now all about building concepts and communities.

Here are a few upcoming trends to watch for:

Content is king: As industries and business move towards using “Organic” ways of monetizing, content becomes extremely important not just to consumers but to brands. The key is to create relevant content for your target audience. If done correctly and placed in the right situation, can have great long term benefits.

Creating cross device experience: Digital devices are becoming smarter every day. The changing trend will allow content experiences to become multi-dimensional and could dramatically lift engagement numbers for brands. Digital device application creators have the opportunity to drive a connected content experience across multiple devices.

Social communication will be seamless: With so many social platforms joining the game it would soon become difficult for businesses to stay on top of each platform. In the coming years, we will be seeing the emergence of technology providers that will make it easier to not just maintain and create workflow solutions across these social platforms, but also launch media-driven campaigns.

Location Targeting: The two main elements of any marketing campaign are reaching out to the target audience and using the right channel. With the coming of digital devices including phones and tablets, we are seeing an increasingly amount of digital media inventory tagged with location data (latitude and longitude). With this entire new data asset, marketers are giving location an increased role within the whole media planning and buying process.

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