5 Ways You Can Exhibit Confidence (Even When You’re Not)

5 Ways You Can Exhibit Confidence (Even When You’re Not)

Confidence can be quite a relative subject. For some, it could be as simple as talking to that girl they always wanted. For you, it may be as frightening as finally standing up for yourself and demanding that promotion you rightfully deserve. So many people think that confidence is something that you either have or you don’t. But, the truth is you can slowly, but … Continue reading 5 Ways You Can Exhibit Confidence (Even When You’re Not)

Perception and Communication

We all communicate every day, but have we ever realised the way we communicate, experts have studied the communication behaviour and noted that, 7% communication is verbal and 93% is non-verbal, out of which 55% is through gestures and postures and 38% from our tone and energy level. We therefore need to pay more attention to our non-verbal attending skills as well. Generally the fact … Continue reading Perception and Communication

5 easy ways to get organized and work smart

Most entrepreneurs and business owners have this misconception that the harder they works, the more successful they might be. Working hard and long hours is the thing of the past. Times have changed and also the way we do business. In order to achieve goals (long term and short term), one must work smart and always remember the importance of efficiency and time management. Here … Continue reading 5 easy ways to get organized and work smart

Mind your language

In the advertising and marketing world its important to be cautious about the kind of language and tone you use while communicating with your internal and external customers. Any company or enterprise, irrespective of the industry, has to be aware of the fact that they have to maintain a consistent brand image. The language and the tone of communication plays a very critical role in … Continue reading Mind your language

BOSE – The Master of Sound

Bose Corporation is an audio equipment company popularly known for their high-quality audio systems and speakers for home users, auditoriums and automobiles. BOSE was founded by Amar G. Bose in the year 1964. During Bose’s engineering days at MIT, he had purchased a stereo system and was disappointed with its performance. This gradually led him to research the importance of reverberant (indirect) sound on perceived … Continue reading BOSE – The Master of Sound

Is your Corporation Socially Responsible?

In the past few years, great emphasis has been given to the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility, precisely defined in terms of the responsiveness of businesses to stakeholders’ legal, ethical, social, economical and environmental expectations. Over the last decade, there have been number of companies worldwide that have started promoting their business through Corporate Social Responsibility strategies because the customers and the investors expect them … Continue reading Is your Corporation Socially Responsible?

Can User Experience be designed?

User experience (UX), in simple definition, involves a person’s emotions about using a particular product, system or service. User experience is a very blurry concept and many people use the term incorrectly. A lot of designers seem to be talking about user experience (UX) these days and have a strong belief in how they can craft the user experience of their product or website. Recent … Continue reading Can User Experience be designed?

The new mantra: change marketing

With the changing trends in digital marketing and content development, business of all sizes and shapes would need to keep pace with the new evolution in the field of marketing. The new marketing mantra is no more just about making sales; it is now all about building concepts and communities. Here are a few upcoming trends to watch for: Content is king: As industries and … Continue reading The new mantra: change marketing

GaN is changing the WORLD

Gallium nitride or more popularly known as GaN is a wide band gap semiconductor material generally used in bright light-emitting diodes ever since the 90s. GaN is developing rapidly around the globe to transform many aspects of modern day life. The material has special properties that are also been tested and used by the defense and military of many countries around the world. We might … Continue reading GaN is changing the WORLD