Perception and Communication

We all communicate every day, but have we ever realised the way we communicate, experts have studied the communication behaviour and noted that, 7% communication is verbal and 93% is non-verbal, out of which 55% is through gestures and postures and 38% from our tone and energy level. We therefore need to pay more attention to our non-verbal attending skills as well.

Generally the fact is that when we are speaking to someone, we assume that we have communicated with that person, but we don’t realize that we are often hearing and not listening if we notice carefully the non-verbal reactions are a give-away, this would generally happen because either we are too pre-equipped with our own thoughts, or based on our perspective we have already assumed what is being said by the other person and react even before the person has finished speaking.

Good Communication requires listening, understanding and focusing on the context of the other person’s communication and give your full attention and then responding accordingly. 

Several things and parameters influence our perspective. Our Age, experiences, beliefs, hopes, mental state of mind, our needs, our personality and so on. Our perspective influences the way we communicate. Therefore we need to carefully understand our perspective. Do a small test try completing this sentence “He often comes home late because —–

You will find several responses each based on one baggage of perspective.  

 So we need to understand that communication holds an important place in our lives, both verbal and non-verbal,we just need to be aware and be conscious in the way we communicate with others for any relationship. We therefore need to remember about communication –

*Communication is not done to prove who is right or wrong, but to understand the other persons point of view as well as be able  share your feelings comfortably  

Never make assumptions

So we need to keep in mind that  

There is a difference between Hearing and Listening. 

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