Content Strategy for Businesses

Content is KING! Well that is what we all have been hearing about since the past few years.

With so many new business ideas, innovations and startup ventures emerging in the World Wide Web, it is now time that we start recognizing this constantly evolving and growing phenomenon i.e. content creation or rather content strategy.

Content in simple terms means gathering, researching, editing and creating information for publication, more specifically, online content. From a business stand point it means shifting your “me-centric” business approach to a more “sharing knowledge” kind of approach. So the key is to create industry specific content that does not have a direct sales or marketing theme, but has a more information driven approach.

The three most popular forms of digital content are: text, graphics and video.

Text: Website content, blog articles, white papers and ebooks are preferred textual mediums to connect with audience and provide relevant content for search engines to crawl. It is imperative that a website or business continually has new, relevant textual content in order to keep the search engine rankings as well as your target audience engaged.

Graphics or Inforgraphics: These are highly creative and attractive pieces of content that have become very popular in the recent years. Any complex data can be graphically represented through a well designed infographics. Their graphic format makes them perfect for sharing on social media platforms like Facebook and Pinterest, attracting links and social signals that search engines instantly detect. In fact according to a recent Facebook survey, audiences are more likely to pay attention to attractive infographics, compared to articles or videos.

Video: Video marketing has emerged as a new and evolving marketing phenomenon. Popular video websites such as Youtube, Dailymotion and Viemo provide SEO optimized platforms for businesses to showcase their videos at zero cost. Many businesses are now recognizing the importance of video and are incorporating it into their day-to-day organizational setup, such as training video, viral videos and webcasts.

Last but not the least, never forget the importance of Repurposing i.e. to keep modifying your content that will create additional avenues and reach different niches within your audience. It also gives you a means to present content again for those who may not have seen it the first time around.

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