The BIG question: Organic or Paid?

According to a recent research published by eConsultancy, Organic search results on search engines such as Google and Bing pull far more traffic compared to paid search results such as PPC (Google Adwords & Microsoft adCenter). The percentage is 94% (organic) to 6% (paid). Organic search results are directly proportionate to CTR (Click – through Rates) i.e. the higher you rank on search engines, the more people click on your website and the lower you rank, the less clicks and traffic your site gets. Therefore ranking high on search engine page 1 is of ultimate value to every website.

The other interesting fact is that Women (53%) are more likely to click on paid search ads than men, who click on paid ads 47% of the time. Further, if the age group is also analyzed, younger searches are less likely to click on paid ads – 35 percent of ads are clicked on by searchers age 34 or younger. Thus, as age increases, so does the number of people clicking on those PPC ads, as 65 percent of paid ad clicks come from searchers age 35 and older. Also if we compare Google with Bing, Google is the clear leader on successful search rates, with a 91 percent successful search rate. Bing’s percentage of successful searches: 76 percent.

Online search technology is an ever changing phenomenon and is constantly going through improvements and upgrades. With search results being the starting point for many businesses and brands, there will be a time when organic search results would completely over shadow paid search, so creating quality content and ranking high on search engines should be the ultimate long term goal.

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