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5 Morning Routine Hacks for Better Digestion

Having better digestion is a matter of eating well, staying off empty-calorie meals, exercising and feeling good. But did you know that you can jumpstart your day with some morning hacks that can help improve your digestion?

The habits we have in the morning will dictate how well the day goes. What we eat and drink in the morning will decide how our tummy will feel. Here are five morning routine hacks to improve your gastrointestinal health.

Drink apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is touted as a great supplement that helps you lose weight and maintain a good BMI. However, apple cider vinegar is also great for a variety of health issues. Being considered a prebiotic, apple cider vinegar will help things move in your tummy so you can have better digestion.

This drink is highly acidic but it has a lower acidity than the one in your stomach. And because it is so acidic, it can kill bacteria and fungi in your GI tract in a split second. Don’t forget to add apple cider vinegar to your shopping cart if you’re suffering from bloating and/or indigestion.

Eat fibre at breakfast

Ditch your morning bagel for a fibre-rich meal. Fibre is known to improve the health of your gastrointestinal tract. Fibre can also help you have more frequent bowel movements.

You can choose avocados, spinach, eggs and rye bread for your breakfast. They’re all rich in fibre and vitamins.

Put some plant milk in your coffee

Consider ditching regular milk and using almond or coconut milk for your morning coffee. Normal milk can have negative effects on your health if you’re a woman.

A Swedish study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition linked milk consumption to ovarian cancer. The study showed that women who consumed four or more dairy servings a day were twice as likely to develop ovarian cancer.

Do journaling to lower your stress

Having better digestion starts with lowering your stress levels. Journaling is a good method of relaxing and feeling better about yourself (and the world). Write about your feelings, the plans for the day or about something that bothers you.

This technique will help you relax which can positively affect your digestion.


A study funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China showed that the gut health of Tibetan monks is healthier than that of people who don’t meditate. Researchers analyzed blood and stool samples of 37 monks from three Buddhist temples who were practising meditation for two hours a day for at least three years in a row.

The results showed that the good bacteria in the gut of the participants who meditate is higher than the one in the control group. Bacteria like Bacteroidetes and Firmicutes phylum were 29% higher in the meditation group and lower in the control group.

The stool samples also contained 49% of Prevotella and a high volume of Megamonas and Faecalibacterium. These are all healthy bacteria that the gut needs to maintain its healthy functioning.


Our gut is important to our overall health and happiness. Make sure you start the day on the right foot and have plenty of fiber and nutrient-rich foods. Add apple cider vinegar in your morning water, replace your cow milk with almond milk and don’t skip on meditation. It not only helps your mind stay calm but it can also help the healthy bacteria in your gut grow and thrive.

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