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The Benefits of Using AI at Work

Artificial Intelligence has taken over our professional and personal lives.

If you’re not convinced of it, just take a look at Alexa, ChatGPT and Siri. All these three are IT programs that help people interact better with their technology, using voice-activated programs and language models for generating written content and online conversations with users.

Some say that Artificial Intelligence will remove the need for people to be at work. However, that won’t happen, at least not soon because employers still need warm bodies to handle the daily grind.

Briefly, AI should not be a threat to companies worldwide but an asset. Here is why:

AI boosts productivity

Artificial intelligence at work increases the company’s productivity by automating systems and handling repetitive tasks. An advantage of this is that workers can then focus on being creative at work instead of solving problems.

For example, when a company uses AI-operated chatbots, it makes the business flow faster and the clients can then make better use of the company’s website, products or services.

You can set up an AI-operated chat on your company’s website to answer your customers’ questions or inquiries. This will in turn increase productivity and customer satisfaction.

AI turns complex data into digestible information

AI at work can impact how a company handles information about their business. Using artificial intelligence will help decipher the codes that show the results your company had in the last month or so. It will also help understand the patterns of your business, how your customers approach you and your business, and if your content performs well in terms of marketing goals.

Artificial intelligence can produce a detailed report of how your company performed at a certain time. This data will help you improve what is not working well so that your business can thrive in the future.

It can also show you the customers’s behaviour and how they interact with your business, information that is crucial to your marketing success.

AI increases data and information security

Data security is a problem for many companies these days. People around the world have a hard time protecting their personal information, while companies have to deal with data breach problems quite often.

According to a Chrome report, “53% of frontline workers use messaging apps like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp up to six times a day for work-related reasons. But 68% of them said they’d stop if given approved internal communication tools.”

People don’t trust social media anymore to protect their data and that’s not unreasonable of them. A study by the Electronic Frontier Foundation found that WhatsApp is the second worst at protecting the user’s data. The other companies that ranked high for failing to protect the user’s data are Verizon and AT&T.

AI at work can turn things around and protect the company’s privacy, as well as its employees’ data by using the following:

-fully-monitored user controls

-best-in-class 256-bit TLS encryption

-GDPR compliance.


AI at work will help any business grow and increase its productivity. Artificial intelligence can speed up processes and manage repetitive, work tasks; AI can also be used to analyse marketing data and protect the company from dangerous hackers or data breach events.

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