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Are you feeling alone? Do you feel you are missing something? Do you feel something is missing, though you are surrounded by your family and friends? Do you think that ‘only YOU are depressed in this entire world’ and everyone is happy!

Then this article is for you! I try to explain, why do we feel alone and how to overcome this feeling? Everyone has their reasons behind loneliness, but I am explaining some common reasons and solutions for aloneness.

In this era, we all are going through rough patches. We had setbacks due to PANDEMIC in our professional and personal life and this busy world, it is quite common to feel alone. Some people will show their emotions, and some may brood in a lonely place. Some are particularly good to mask their emotions and show everyone that they are the happiest person in the world.

Do not make fool yourself that every other person is happy except you.

As per individual characteristics, everyone responds to the situation differently. It is fine to feel alone and want to spend some time with yourself. The concept of ‘ME TIME’ is interesting and necessary for a peaceful soul and mind.


Social media keeps us connected to different people all over the world. Most of us share happy moments on social media like birthday parties, travel, and out with friends. ‘Images show only external expression of the person, it never shows inside emotional turmoil of a person. ‘

This is the big drawback of social media. When we see posts from others, we think that ‘only I am an alone and sad person; all are enjoying their life with friends, family, and partners.

Remember one thing, “Not every post on social media tells the truth about the person and their life.”

– Another reason for feeling alone is your health. If you are suffering from any chronic disease, then you can feel lonely when thinking about your ailment. If your heart is sad (heartbreak, trust break from closed ones), then you feel alone and sad. If you are suffering from any chronic ailments, you can feel depressed. It is natural.

– Some of the time, your mind plays emotional games with you. If you are living away from your home, or family; you miss them and feel alone. In the new work environment, you feel that everyone is ignoring you or in a personal relationship, you may feel your partner does not understand you.


For me, any solution that helps you to reduce aloneness is perfect. Try to find your solution but here are some general solutions which you can try.

  1. Do not feel You Are the Only One:

One study published in the  Nature journal states that lonely people are craving for self-pity which leads to depression and anxiety diseases. Therefore, cognitive therapy, self-motivation therapy, focusing on your positive points, and mindfulness meditation will help you to overcome your self-disgust state.

Yes, avoid self-pity. There are millions of people, who are facing more problems. Think about your strong points and positive points. Keep yourself motivated by reading good books and helping people who are in need.

2. Keep away from social media:

Yes, it is a tricky thing to do. But try to use social media for 15 minutes per day only. Make real use of it. Message daily to one friend and ask about his life. It can be 2 or more messages but do real connections rather than just sending emojis and surfing accounts. Just connect with your old friends.

The cross-sectional study among the Lebanese people published in BMC Psychology shows that “individuals who use more social media are facing more mental health challenges and feel more loneliness.”

3. Talk with your close ones.

Open your problems with your friends or family. I know everyone has someone with whom they can share their feelings. If you think no one can understand you, then take the help of the counselor.

4. The help of a counselor:

Today also, people do not want to consult the psychiatrist or counselor for their mental stress. But it is okay to take help from a professional.

5. Discover your hobbies and interests.

As I mentioned earlier, “ME TIME” is important to enrich yourself. Discover your interests and hobbies. Give some time for it. If you like to read, paint, or listen to music; then do it for 15 minutes daily. If you enjoy sport, then enjoy it every weekend.

Do not indulge yourself in fancy ideas like a weekend party, drinking, or outing late at night life is the epitome of enjoying life. No, they are good in films and web series only. You should discover your inner nature and try to enrich it for a successful life.

6. It is okay to be alone.

Sometimes Aloneness creates greatness! Yes, busy people crave this aloneness in their life. If you are getting much time in this busy world, then you are lucky. Do not brood over your sad feelings, try to convert them into bad memories and keep them locked in your mind. Do meditation, read good books, watch good movies, or just make a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy a piece of music!

I hope these solutions will keep you motivated to enjoy life and fight your loneliness!

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