The Effects Of The Pandemic On The Freelance Industry

We all know how this pandemic has been. Horrible. Counter-productive. COVID 19 is the first major pandemic to happen in over a hundred years, and it is still ongoing as we speak. Businesses and economies had to shut down. Employers laid employees of or put on a compulsory break, significantly affecting the way the world works. But what about the freelance industry? Aren’t they unaffected because of the nature of their job? These are some unanswered questions everyone seems to be asking.

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The Facts

The pandemic has worked in favor of some forms of freelance services and created a decline in patronage in others. Food delivery services have risen in patronage due to the lockdown procedures that the government put in place. These rules don’t allow people to leave their houses and order food. Thus, they have no choice but to hire hybrid services.

Other forms of freelancers, like wedding planners and professional entertainers, have seen their business decline. This is because their services are not needed at the time and have become unnecessary of some sorts.

The pandemic has positively affected a lot of freelance workers from developed countries. Because companies worldwide have turned toward using online tools to keep their business afloat, freelancers from developing companies have been in luck. They offer lower prices for their services, and they provide the same quality.

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The pandemic has had different effects on the freelancing economy depending on the geographical location and the form of freelancing you are into. If your form of freelance leans more into providing the appropriate necessities during this pandemic such as food, the number of people that will patronize you will be high. In contrast, if your form of freelance does not lean into providing the appropriate necessities during this pandemic such as Wedding planning, then your business would not receive any income.

However, freelancers that provide these needs are at a higher risk of contracting the virus than freelancers that don’t.

A photographer might not be getting any money, but he is not significantly exposed to the virus. A fast-food delivery service will make big bucks, but their employees can easily catch the virus. In the end, it would be a choice between safety or money.

If you want to find some jobs to cope with the financial strain this pandemic has placed on you, then you should consider using some job search sites.

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