Job Hunting: 5 Best Job Search Sites In 2021

Back then, to increase your job search chance, you have to make sure that your sneakers are quality, your clothes are well-ironed, and nobody splashes water on them. However, times have changed. In this digital age, you don’t need all that anymore. People use digital tools to help in their job searches such as AI and the Internet.

This comes with its disadvantages, the main one being that everyone else has access to the same tools. In a job search research, researchers found out that an average of 118 people apply for a single job position in 2020. A fair amount of these job proposals are spam and generic messages.

Don’t despair though. There are still some things you can do to glide through your dream job’s finish line. Using a job search engine dramatically increases your chance of finding a job you like. Here are some of the best job search sites in 2021.

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5 Best Job Search Sites you Should Try

Before we go further, we should discuss what a job board is. It is an employment website primary job is to display job ads that employers post. These ads are posted on multiple websites, and they cover all industries. Job sites collate these ads from numerous job boards, and display them on their website. The five best job search sites are:

  • Indeed: Indeed is one of the most popular job sites in the world. They do their job expertly by gathering information from company career pages and top job boards. Sometimes, employers even post any openings they have in their company on the website.

 Their UI is very friendly, easing the way employers and job searchers navigate through the app. They also allow you to build your online profile on their website. Additionally, you can also get email alerts to get notified on any jobs available in your area. How’s that for a job search site!

  • LinkedIn: Most people tend to forget that they can also use LinkedIn to find jobs easily. Although it is primarily a social media application, they also provide a lot of job listings. A lot of recruiters use this application to sieve out the quacks from the real deal.

They also provide email alerts that notify you when a new job has been listed. It is a high-profile Job search website, so be sure to upload a CV that speaks well for you.

  • Glassdoor: Yes, we know what you want to ask, and yes, it is used for more than learning about company salaries. Glassdoor is a fantastic place to find jobs. All you have to do is fill in your criteria for jobs you’re looking for, and voila, you’re good to go. Their combination of job search capabilities and company review and salary availability is a handy resource for job searchers. Their UI is very sleek-looking, and yet it still looks very professional. They also notify you when companies are hiring at any time.
  • Google: When people are looking for jobs, one of the first places they look is on Google. Luckily for them, Google is a pretty amazing way to find jobs. Do you want to know how to use their job search feature? Simply type in the job title you want to look for, followed by the word “job.” Google responds to this by bringing up jobs around you.
  • ZipRecruiter: This job search site is not as easy to use as the other sites, but for some understandably good reasons. The main remain is that this job search site requires you to customize your resume to fit every job you apply for.

 For this reason, it is not just a “one-click” application concept. However, reports have shown that a more significant percentage of people get more interviews doing this relatively tedious activity. They presently boast of over 7 million jobs.

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 We understand that it is not easy getting a job, especially in this pandemic. However, these job search sites are guaranteed to increase your job search endeavors ten-fold! Thus, we implore you to check them out, and get to applying.

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