Top Five Unconventional Careers


Gone are the days where one had to study hard to become an Engineer, Doctor or an Architect. The generation Z is many miles ahead when choosing careers as they have many avenues to choose from. Let’s check out some unconventional careers that are hip with the generation next.

1) Sommelier

Sommelier literally means wine server or wine steward and it has a french origin. He goes through an ardous training of wine tasting, he is experienced with real world experience in every aspect of wine tasting and administration, from advise about diners and cafes on what wines would run best with specific eatable, overseeing stock stream, making wine records for F&B foundations, etc. He has to learn about hospitality and learn in depth about wines and their various parameters like the grape assortments, districts, vintages, vineyards, how to taste wine?

It’s the most important position in the industry as Wine sampling helps to evaluate the quality and taste of the wine. He helps enhance the flavors of the food served, and makes the experience more elegant and suave by suggesting a suitable wine.

2) Wildlife Photography

If you are a nature buffthenWildlife photography is something that you would love. It’s all about taking photos of natural life and wilderness. In this type of photography the focus is on nature and wild animals. It’s hardwork and it can be really testing. You have to bring out your gutsy side as it is an adventurous profession which requires mental and physical fitness. If you are intrigued by wild animals, nature and enjoy traveling then wildlife photography can be the best career choice for you.

3) Fitness Instructor

If you live for fitness, and are intrigued by Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Cycling, HIIT, Dance, and more are becoming increasingly popular, there are plethora of opportunities for individuals aspiring to become instructors. You can work in a studio setting, at a gym, in schools and hospitals, or can offer classes on the internet.

You must get certified as a trainer/instructor in the choice of your liking and then you are fit for the job as long as you are fit, outgoing and in shape for the job. The field is growing faster than average and there are over 300 thousand jobs.

The average salary for an instructor is $38,160. You can supplement your income by offering semi-private, private lessons and workshops. In urban areas, you can earn more as an instructor since there is a great demand for fitness.

4) Stunt Artist

If you enjoy the fights by Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan or some high octane fight scene. The script calls for a stunt performer when there is an action sequence on the set.

Apply for the Stunt Artist Scheme, you will need qualifications, and skills across various sporting areas like martial arts, falling, riding, driving cars, rock climbing, swimming etc. One year’s experience in the sporting area is important. Throughout your career you will need to keep your skills and qualifications up to date.

5) Mercenary

You can be a soldier of fortune also known as a mercenary. Take part in military conflict for profit. You would be someone who is an outsider the conflict and not officially part of the army. As a mercenary you can fight for money rather than for political interests. Train hard and to become a mercenary.

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