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How to Write a Letter of Intent for Grad School

Applying for graduate school is a common application process, but it does not have to be a stressful one. A common application requirement for graduate school admission is the letter of intent. Unlike the personal statement which focuses on a student’s personal background, the letter of intent outlines academic success and qualifications. Follow these six steps to organize and write your own letter of intent.   … Continue reading How to Write a Letter of Intent for Grad School

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Convicted Murderer Adnan Syed to be Released

Who is Adnan Syed? Here is everything you need to know:  Adnan Syed was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison, plus thirty-years, at the age of seventeen. He is now a forty-two year old man who has spent the last twenty-five years in prison, but maintains that he did not commit the crime.   During Syed’s high school career in 1999, his ex-girlfriend … Continue reading Convicted Murderer Adnan Syed to be Released

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6 of the Best Contemporary Plays

Most people can recall reading Shakespearean plays in high school, but few have read a contemporary play script. Are you a fan of Hamilton, Wicked, Rent, or Hairspray? Do you know all the words to High School Musical? Is theater beyond the realm of anything you have ever considered exploring? Whether or not you have had the pleasure of watching a live theatrical performance or … Continue reading 6 of the Best Contemporary Plays

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5 Contemporary Short Story Collections You Must Read

Although they are quick reads, short stories are just as immersive and entertaining as novels. If you are ready to be transported to another world and torn through the highs and lows of conflict and resolution in just a short amount of time, consider picking up a contemporary collection of short stories from this list.   This collection of short stories is a trip through dystopian … Continue reading 5 Contemporary Short Story Collections You Must Read

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5 Tips to Elevate Your Essay Writing

Essay writing is a critical skill. When we write essays, we reflect on a problem or topic and reach a conclusion. Essay writing promotes essential skills to be applied in both the academic world, and in the workplace. Constructing sentences and composing ideas and arguments coherently are all parts of professional writing which are developed through essay writing. Whether you are in High School, College, … Continue reading 5 Tips to Elevate Your Essay Writing

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5 Creepy Short Stories With a Twist

These classic American short stories are still widely read and analyzed today. They contain intricate layers of literary elements and symbolism. They are dark and twisted and psychologically thrilling. Have you been scarred by a short story in your high school English class? This short story is told from the perspective of an unnamed woman who spends the summer in an old mansion with her … Continue reading 5 Creepy Short Stories With a Twist

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3 Things to Avoid If You Want to Publish a Book

Did you write a book? Do you have an excellent idea for a book and need an advance check? The traditional publishing route has many advantages over self-publishing: there is a greater chance of getting your book distributed in retail stores; there is a higher potential for media coverage; your product is professionally marketed; you feel confident and credible because you were signed with a … Continue reading 3 Things to Avoid If You Want to Publish a Book

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4 Personal Essays to Make You Feel Something

Creative nonfiction is a genre which deserves your attention. Narrative journalism, essays, books, magazines, and podcasts are all used as creative nonfiction mediums. Creative nonfiction is all about using literary technique to vividly illustrate the stories of real people, places, and events. Creative nonfiction often looks like personal experiences braided with research or theory. Creative nonfiction has even manifested into a hybrid genre called autotheory … Continue reading 4 Personal Essays to Make You Feel Something

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Is an MFA in Creative Writing Worth It?

Should you pursue an advanced degree in writing, or should you just write? Many argue that studying arts and humanities is a waste of money because it does not guarantee a career with a great starting salary. But perhaps these people fail to see the value of life enriching experiences and making a creative offering to world. It is true that many people have achieved their … Continue reading Is an MFA in Creative Writing Worth It?

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The Best Modern Poetry

People read poetry for one reason: it is pleasurable. Since as early as the 18th century, people have written and appreciated poetry. Poetry is not just the cursive letters of white men who have been dead for hundreds of years. There are plenty of living writers producing excellent work. Here are five contemporary poets worthy of your time and attention:   Maggie Nelson Maggie Nelson is … Continue reading The Best Modern Poetry