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The Top 5 Best Places to Live

Starting over is a process that begins with reflection. Examine your values and goals. Decide that it is time for a change, and then commit to taking the steps to make that change happen. What factors should you take into consideration when deciding where to live? What is most important to you? What are your non-negotiables? Access to a high quality school, an easy commute to a high-paying job, and nice weather are some of the most popular wish list items for people who are ready to start over. These places are listed as the best. Decide for yourself if you agree with these rankings:

#1: Huntsville, Alabama

This fast-growing city has everything you could ever dream of. The weather is hot in the spring and summer, cool in the fall and winter, and it rarely snows. The metro area is walkable and bikeable. Ride sharing is available in the downtown area. Some attractions and activities include the U.S Space & Rocket Center (with Space Camp available for children), the Historic Huntsville Depot, the North Alabama Railroad Museum, and the Alabama Constitution Hall Park. 

#2: Colorado Springs, Colorado

In addition to the state’s natural beauty, residents of Colorado Springs enjoy an exciting downtown life with easily accessible shopping, restaurants and breweries. Weather here is usually sunny and mild, and snowy in the spring. Most people drive, but a public bus is also available to get around. Bikers also have access to hundreds of miles of bike trails. Colorado is full of national parks and fun outdoor places and activities. 

3. Green Bay, Wisconsin

In addition to being the home of Green Bay Packers, this city is full of art and entertainment. Green Bay residents enjoy four seasons with a sunny spring, hot summer, and snowy winter. Some fun things to do include water skiing and kayaking, cruises, and walking and biking trails in the state park. Most people drive to get around and parking is easy to find. The schools here are highly ranked. 

4. San Jose, California

Residents of this city enjoy a nice blend of city, suburb. It is home to Google and Apple’s headquarters, and residents also enjoy visiting flea markets, a lifesize Monopoly board, shopping, Napa Valley, and hockey games. Outdoorsy types appreciate skiing, watersports and hiking. Although the cost of living here is higher than most other places, high paying technology jobs are also widely available. 

5. Raleigh & Durham, North Carolina

People who live in this tri-city area enjoy centers for performing arts, art museums, symphonies, cafes and bars, breweries, music venues, and an energetic college town experience. The cost of living is average compared to the rest of the nation, and property taxes are below average. It is easy to get around with a public bus system, but most people here drive cars. There are a growing number of education, health care, and technology in this area, with a relatively low cost of living compared to places like San Jose. 

The United States is full of beauty, experiences, and potential for happiness. If you are searching for a new job, or thinking about colleges to apply to, thoroughly research all places of interest. Consider writing a wish list describing all the elements that would make a destination the perfect place to live. Make a list of conditions you are non-negotiable to you. What is most important? What are you willing to live without in order to be happy? Before deciding where to start a new life, consider taking a vacation to the place yourself. Only by immersing yourself in the cultural experience of a different state can you know for sure that one of these best places to live  is the right place for you.

Author: Jacqui Donaldson also writes poetry and creative nonfiction. Her work has been published in The Vehicle, Loud Coffee Press, Across the Margin and others. Connect with Jacqui on Instagram and Twitter @Jacquiverse.

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  1. Great article. As someone who lived in many places I’m always on the look out for good placrs to live. But sincerely if I was to live in the States, I wouldn’t choose California but the New York state, Colorado because it snows, north Carolina and Nashville because of the music. Hot States like Arizona, Florida, California are not for me.

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