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The Best Breakup Recovery Podcasts

The Best Breakup Recovery Podcasts

Breakups hurt so much because relationships are important to us. Attachment is part of our human design. When we lose the one we love, we experience all sorts of unpleasant emotions: sadness, guilt, anxiety, anger. Rejection can lead to low self-esteem and self-worth, and it is not uncommon to experience feelings of depression in the aftermath. The recovery process is not linear, but with some support, reflection, and self-forgiveness, you can survive this darker season of your life. Perhaps the hardest part about a breakup is losing the person you would typically go to for comfort. Many of us consider our partnership to also be our best friendship. One way to access a community of support and professional advice is to listen to one of these five breakup recovery podcasts. 

1. Date Yourself Instead by Lyss Boss

Available on Apple Podcasts under the topic “Society & Culture,” influencer and Tiktok creator Lyss Boss – founder and host of Date Yourself Instead – will “inspire you to become the best version of yourself.” Boss first coined the phrase “date yourself instead” in a Tiktok series documenting her own healing process following a painful breakup. With episodes like “Stop Comparing Yourself to Everyone Else,” “it’s okay to be depressed,” and “So he ghosted you…now what?” Boss covers a variety of topics, including dating, health and wellness, breakup recovery, beauty, and how to become your best self. 

2. A Single Revolution by Shani Silver 

Available on her patreon account, Shani Silver offers her patrons “A Single Serving Podcast.” Silver is an advocate for creating space and preserving dignity in a world which caters to couples; she aims to subvert narratives that depict single women as “less than,” because singlehood is something that needs to be celebrated and not shamed. She is also the author of A Single Revolution: Don’t look for a match. Light one. 

3. How to Start Over by The Atlantic

This podcast, hosted by Olga Khazan – staff writer at the Atlantic, provides practical advice about how to overcome change and start over. Within episodes like “The Misgivings of Friend-Making” and “How to Forgive Ourselves for What We Can’t Change,” this podcast provides heartfelt anecdotes and advice to mend your broken heart and lift some of your loneliness. Listen to How to Start Over on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Google, or Pocket Casts. 

4. Breakup Recovery Podcast by Barbara Stevens

This podcast by Barbara Stevens, available on Spotify, is an amalgamation of tips, tricks, ideas, and strategies to assist people in their post-breakup healing journey. This podcast features episodes with titles such as “How to Survive The Holiday Season As A Single Person,” and “How To Be Happy Again After Your Breakup.” Breakup Recovery features guests who tell real stories and other relationship experts who will help you survive this darker season of your life. 

5. This is Why You’re Single by Jae Reaves

Available under the topic “Society and Culture” on Spotify, This is Why You’re Single is “THE podcast dedicated to improving your life and your relationships.” With episodes with titles like “Mistakes Women Make that Keep Them Single,” and “You’re Not as Great a Catch as You Think You Are,” Reaves will help you navigate topics such as dating, sex, and relationships. 

Podcasts can be therapeutic because they connect listeners with professional advice and relatable real-life experiences of others. Podcasts also establish a sense of community by connecting listeners to each other and showing them that they are not alone in their struggles. Podcasts are often free and accessible with new episodes released on a weekly basis. If you are going through a difficult situation like a breakup, or a period of loss or loneliness, consider listening to a podcast. 

Author: Jacqui Donaldson also writes poetry and creative nonfiction. Her work has been published in The Vehicle, Loud Coffee Press, Across the Margin and others. Connect with Jacqui on Instagram and Twitter @Jacquiverse.

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