The Top 10 Colleen Hoover Books

Colleen Hoover’s romantic fiction books are super popular right now, for good reason. Her stories are full of psychological dilemmas, love, drama, and wonderfully dynamic characters who you will love to hate. These are her top ten best books, ranked in order.

1.  It Ends With Us

A young graduate begins a new life in a new city. When she becomes romantically interested in a rough neurosurgeon, they are both forced to confront their pasts.

2.  Verity

A widower hires a ghostwriter to finish the remaining books in his late wife’s series. The ghostwriter accidentally uncovers a horrifying autobiography and deliberates sharing its secrets.

3.  Ugly Love

A girl begins a no-strings-attached fling with her brother’s best friend. The friends with benefits situations goes south, becoming painful and messy.

4.  November 9

Girl meets boy, girl inspires boy to write a book. The two reunite annually, but the girl begins to suspect that the boy is lying to her in order to get new material to write about.

5.  Maybe Someday

After the devastating discovery that her partner cheated, a girl attempts to open her heart to another man who shares her passion for music.

6.  Regretting You

The story of a tumultuous mother-daughter relationship is told through two perspectives. An unexpected accident further strains the relationship to the point of breaking.

7.  Reminders of Him

Following her release from prison, a mother returns home to find everyone from her past determined to keep her away from her young daughter.

8.  All Your Perfects

It is not until a seemingly perfect couple take the sacred vow of marriage that they both learn that not everything is as it seems.

9.  Heart Bones

After a tragedy, an independent young woman is sent to live with her estranged father. She forms a relationship with her affluent neighbor – although they seem to have nothing in common at first.

10.  Layla

A brutal attack leaves a young woman physically and emotionally wounded. Her partner takes her on a trip that he hopes will improve their relationship, where he unexpectedly falls for another woman.

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Jackie Donaldson is an American writer and teacher. Her work has been published in Loud Coffee PressThe VehicleAcross the Margin and others.

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