woman walking on pathway under the sun


woman walking on pathway under the sun
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Walking is simple and has many benefits for people of all ages. Yet we give excuses for walking. If you read benefits of walking, it encourages you to start regular walking.

Why Walking is Important:

If you compare human with other animals, then only we can walk in erect position. Nature created our body for moving, movements, activities.

From the 20th century, innovations of different electrical, mechanical machines decreased our activity level in everyday life. And our working culture tends towards more sitting and less movements of body.

If you compare your health with your grandparents, parents, then you can conclude that they are healthier than us and our children.

Now we are facing diabetes, hypertension, obesity and thyroid problems more than previous centuries.

Innovation is a necessity. But our body has a similar structure which our ancestors have thousand years back! So do not forget the necessity of our body and that is movements of every body parts; you must sweat!

Move 30 minutes per day.

How To Walk?

Slow, moderate and brisk walk…

Every walk has its own benefits.


– Slow walk is good for joints.

– If you walk 2 mile per hour, it will burn more calories. During slow walking, your body move slow with large weight and every muscle works harder. So you lose more calories.

– But it is beneficial only when you will walk for 1-2 hours per day. If you walk slow for 30 minutes, then it does not helpful for weight loss, but it keeps you fresh and active.

– Slow walk is good for older people, obese people, and beginners (who want to start their exercise journey).

The article published in WebMD informed that slower walks in obese are more effective to lose weight than normal individual.


– Moderate and brisk walk means you can talk but cannot sing during walking, which means you are doing brisk walking.

– It helps to reduce weight and fat of the body. It increases physical strength and stamina.

– Brisk walk prevents heart disease, type 2 diabetes and obesity.

In old people, brisk walk is good for mental health. As per study published in NIH on the data collected form 4,737 adults (above age of 65) from the 2017 California Health and Interview Survey. It confirms that older adult who do moderate, brisk walking has good mental health and physical health.

Why Walking Is Useful:

1) It’s a best exercise for everyone.

People who have knee problems, osteoarthritis, rheumatic arthritis and suffering from some traumatic injuries will enjoy slow walking. While young people who want to maintain their physical strength and lose weight should try brisk walking.

2) It increases your physical stamina and strength.

During the walk, the group of muscles from the leg, waistline, abdomen, back and arm are activated. You can say it’s a complete work out of your body. You can start your workout session with some simple walking for 15-20 minutes. It activates muscle cells after the rest.

3) It reduces depression, anxiety symptoms.

Maintain mental health. When you walk, it increases endorphins- feels good hormone simultaneously reduces stress hormones. You feel good and can fight with SAD- SEASONAL AFFECTIVE DISORDER.

4) It is the best remedy to fight obesity, diabetes, and hypertension.

Chronic diseases are a parcel of obesity, bad diet and lack of exercise. Try to walk for 30 minutes daily. It’s easy to use 30 minutes of your day for yourself. Walking reduces the fat and increase the metabolic rate. It improves your digestion and make you to drink more water. Walking makes you physically strong.

5) Best for children to make active.

Nowadays, obesity and lack of activity in children are becoming new problems. So you can start walking along with your child. Go out in the park early morning so they can feel the joy of morning sunshine and physical activity.

6) Walking is good for the longevity of your healthy life.

Walking maintains our mental health, also reduces risk of chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes, hypertension. Thus, we can maintain long healthy life.

7) Maintain weight:

Most of the time we lose weight but cannot sustain weight for long period. Then brisk walk will help you to achieve this goal.

How to Include Walking in Our Routine?

1. Early morning 30 minutes’ walk, for this you must wake up 30 minutes earlier.

2. Walk at night after completing your whole day’s duties.

3. Walk for 10-15 minutes after eating food, after lunch and dinner.

4. Make a walking group of your friends so everyone can encourage each other for walking.

5. If it’s impossible to go out, walk in your home, in a passage of building or on a home terrace.

I hope this article will boost you to walk regularly, 30-40 minutes every day for 4-5 days per week.

Waling is a solution for a healthy life and a fresh mind! Start walking…..

Dr. Sujata Chougule:

I am homeopathy doctor and yoga teacher. I have 7 years’ experience of homeopathy consultation. I do online consultation and write blogs related to health, wellness, and yoga. 

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