Four Steps You Can Take To Living Credit-Free

Most of the world’s population is living on a credit-based life. There are many reasons why they choose this. It’s partly because of the irregularity of salaries, and because people generally like taking loans. Simultaneously, some people want to live credit free but cannot do that due to a lack of funds.

In this article, we would discuss how to gradually get rid of all your debt and become credit free. Who knows? Maybe you would be able to save, turn your financial affairs around, and become one of the richest people in the world!

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Why Exactly Do People Live on Credit?

A lot of the population cannot help but live on loans because of several factors. They cannot afford to live without loans. Imagine a client gets an hourly salary, and their electricity bills suddenly increase. If they don’t pay the bills, the officials will cut off the power. So they have to get loans. Or maybe they own some credit cards that allow them to buy things on credit at the convenience store. They don’t have a choice, but they have to get the loan. Most of them do not even know if they can reimburse the loan back in time.

Some people also take loans to pursue a business opportunity. They may want to raise funds to start a restaurant or a car dealership and need more money to start. In this case, they would also need to get loans. While the intentions may be useful, without proper analysis of monetary establishments and their interest prices, the client is likely to fall into more debt than when they started. Most financial establishments have high-interest fees. When the client fails to reimburse the loan, their credit score drops, and thus, higher interest prices are attracted. This leaves them in more debt.

Advantages of Being Credit Free

There are some disadvantages to living a credit based life. These double as advantages to living a credit free life. Make sure you understand all these before you decide to start taking loans.

  • When a client decides to utilize loans, they agree to a life of high-interest prices. Not only are these loans high, but they also compound themselves over time. As an example, imagine you have a $5000 credit card loan sitting there in your monetary records.

With all the interest rates involved and the penalty fee for late payments, up to $1000 can be added to the debt—depending on the monetary establishment. The interest rates would be 20% of the entire credit fund. The more the credit fund sits there in your debt records unpaid, the more is charged. Living credit free, you do not have to worry about all the interest prices, not do you have to worry about compounding debt.

  • There is a lack of control that comes into play when it comes to taking loans. Most people get loans for the most mundane and unnecessary things. It could be a $5000 bag that has no immediate need for the client. It might also be a $100,000 automobile that is way above the client’s budget. When you decide to start using credit cards, you are always at a risk of overspending, no matter how careful you are.
  • If a client utilizes loans, they frequently have to worry about making sure their monetary standing score stays high enough. They would always be stresses, trying to figure out ways to reimburse loans before the deadline day. Living credit free, you won’t ever have to worry about monetary standing scores or their sanctions. You would be emotionally at ease.

Disadvantage Of Living Credit Free

In theory, there are almost no disadvantages to being credit free, but one. This disadvantage may not be viewed as a disadvantage. It’s a matter of relativity to the client.

No Credit Score: The fact that a client decides to live credit free means that they also have no monetary standing scores. If they change their minds and choose to apply for a loan, the financial establishment would reject their request because they do not have advance scores. There would be no monetary standing records or reports to evaluate the client’s worthiness for a loan.

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How To Have An Advance-Free Life

There are several steps you can take to attain a credit free lifestyle. Some are instant, while some take time. They are:

  1. Stop purchasing anything with loans. The first step to attaining a credit free life is to stop making purchases with loans. Then the client should start working towards paying off their credits. Their loans may be little or be a lot, but the most important thing is that they stop making purchases.
  2. Start saving. Immediately a client pays off their loan, the next thing they should do is to make sure they start saving for an emergency. The amount of money in your account should always cover at least six months of living expenses if unforeseen circumstances happen. This step is one of the essential steps to getting credit free. Without this vital step, clients may find themselves going back to the same credit-based life in as little as two weeks.
  3. Start analyzing your finances more. If a client wants to get more to save, they should aim towards cutting down several expenses. For example, light bills are essential for productivity, while dining at a five-star restaurant is not. It only costs you money in the long-term. Do not live above your means.
  4. Think about obtaining a credit card just in case. We all can’t predict everything that would happen to us. A client may be forced to use credit even if they don’t want to. They would probably be reasons that can’t be avoided or disputed. In that case, leave a credit card account open. At the same time, a client should not fall into the temptation to go back to a advance-based life. Things like this take time, but when they’re achieved, they are worthwhile.
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