10 Things You Can Do To Save More Money

Saving is one of the best ways to accumulate money, contrary to what people believe these days. Some people save for their child’s tuition, some save to buy new property, while some save funds for emergency. Whatever reasons you have for saving, it is valid.

However, from various surveys conducted, we have realized that most people do not know how to save. The ones that do succumb to a lot of temptation to go on spending sprees. That is why in this article, we have included 10 things you can do to save better, and more effectively.

As Early As You Can, Try and Cancel Out Your Debt

This goes without saying that debt is one of the main reasons people do not make smart saving choices. Debt is mostly accumulated from unpaid credit card expenses, amongst other things. When debt accumulates, it tends to attract additional services the more time goes by, so it is always a good idea to start clearing that debt to save better.

Create a budget

This budget is vital in your saving plans. Creating a budget would let you see what you are going to spend your money on, and how much would be left to save. As a tip, you should also include miscellaneous fees unforeseen expenses.

Try and Renegotiate Your Credit Card Rates

Most people don’t know that you can renegotiate the terms of your credit card with your credit card company. To do this, simply set up a meeting with your credit card company. You should make sure that your interest rates on your credit card is what you can afford.  If you can’t, you should consider changing credit card companies.

Take Vacations Close To Home

Although everyone covets a trip to the Bahamas or Maldives, you should take a step back from taking those expensive trips sometimes. Instead, try and focus on closer vacation spots that still offer you a luxurious experience.

 When you look at the amount of money people spend on overseas flight fees, you would understand why it is smarter to save.

Curb Your Addictions

I understand that stooping is not easy, but you have to stop your drinking, smoking, and other crippling addictions to truly start saving. Addictions may seem harmless on your finances, but that couldn’t be any more wrong.

 Let’s take smoking as an example. If you drink a lot, and you drink five bottles of beer a day, you would have spent nearly $10000 at the end of the year. That money could have been saved, and reinvested to make more money.

Set Up Automations

This sounds complicated, but is easily one of the best things you can do to save better. You only have to download a savings app that is able to handle transactions between accounts. Their job would be to help you “pay yourself”. This simply means transferring a little amount of money, say $5, to your savings account, daily, weekly, or even monthly.

Turn Off Appliances Not In use

A lot of people forget to turn off appliances that would ultimately mean more costs attached to their utility bill at the end of the month. Turn off your appliances when you are not using them so you would save that precious amount of money.

Find Multiple Sources Of Income

A lot of you would be asking “how can I save when I don’t even have enough to take care of myself? The solution to that would be to get more sources of income for yourself. For example, with the little amount of money you have saved, you can invest in some stocks. If you know what you are doing, you would get a good ROI, giving you more funds to save or invest with.

Stop spending so much on Takeout.

The truth is takeout is overrated. They pack a lot of carbs, which is bad for your health, and they are also expensive. They may feel like food you can easily get, but they can quickly lead you to spending more on healthcare.

 Instead, you should pack your own food when heading to work and other places. It is cheaper, and also healthier to practice this, saving you thousands of dollars at the end of the year.

Keep track of what you are spending on

It is very crucial for you to keep track of what your expenditure is daily, and document it. If you spend a dollar at the vending machine, write it down. If you pay for a parking ticket, write it down. If you pay for your rent, write it down. If you impulsively buy a shirt at Walmart, write it down.

 At the end of the week, you should review it, so you would get to know your spending pattern. With time, you would be able to know what is necessary, and what should be cut out.

Saving has a lot of advantages, as well as some disadvantages. When you are saving, you can’t be as spontaneous with your finances. For example, you can’t just plan a sudden trip with your friends, because it won’t be part of your budget. However, when you look at the pros to savings in the long run, they far outweigh the cons.

Jubril Lawal

Jubril Lawal has been a Ghost Writer and Content Writer for over a year. He studies Psychology at Obafemi Awolowo University, and is a mental health advocate and writing enthusiast.

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