Which is the best traffic source - SEO or Social Media?

Which is the best traffic source – SEO or Social Media?

Among the different strategies, social media marketing and search engine optimization is the best ones that drive most traffic to websites. However, everyone does not have enough resources to focus on both mediums. So which one is best traffic source? Here we will have an analytical discuss to decide which the better option is.

Social media vs. SEO: the numbers

Social media traffic is on hike day by day and now it is one of the top sources of traffic.  But the actual difference between SEO and social depends on which website you are referring to and who is doing the research. First of all let’s have a look at the benefits of each.

Social media: the up-sides and down-sides

One of the best things of social media is that besides driving more traffic to your website it has some more benefits. As an example when you are active on social media you can build loyal relationship with your existing customers and interact with new ones. Another benefit is that you can expand your business across board. Social media has influence on search engine ranking so it can help SEO also. In this way your website’s domain authority will increase. Social media platform has the search engine within them so you can search according to your language and location and there are more options in advance search facility. In this option you can control more over your business. You can think about applying new strategies and learn from mistakes and won to improve traffic for your website. Changes in algorithm destroy your strategy; in social media there are no changes in algorithm. So there will be no negative effect on your business.

But social media takes some time to get it right and to attract big audiences. Although SEO also needs time to build up audiences but less than social media. This is because social media has numerous similar profiles that shares same audiences. So it is tough to get good traffic consistently.

SEO: the up-sides and the down-sides

Like social media marketing SEO has also some benefits such as it can make a better and attractive website for your readers. SEO is also a great option because it helps to improve brand awareness. Your domain authority is growing because SEO helps to build trust with your consumers and new prospects. SEO can attract more high quality traffic but it depends on your search rankings. But the downside of SEO is that you can calculate how much money it is bringing in actually. The fact is that you need the both option in order to grow your business. But it actually depends on the different needs, different approaches. Always look at the quality of your traffic when you are deciding for any of the traffic sources. What is the bounce rate, how much time audiences spend on your website and the conversation rate for each other? At the end whatever traffic source you choose it has to attract active traffic because if that traffic doesn’t move to sales funnel then it can’t help you to meet your business goals.

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