Should you hire an SEO consultant or a Digital Marketing company

SEO isn’t dead. It is optimizing your website for search engines continue to be alive. Technical SEO, with all of technical changes, updates and issues like mobile friendliness, AMP pages, and page load speed has become a complex web.

It is a difficult question that who should you hires an SEO Consultant or an SEO Agency.

Let’s have a look at the positives and negatives of an SEO consultant and a digital marketing company.

SEO Consultant Positives

There are definitely some positive reasons to hire an SEO Consultant. If you have a small business or a website with limited pages then hiring an SEO Consultant is a good choice. When you need a direct change in your website you know whom to ask or call for this. SEO Consultants don’t outsource the work to others. You can hire them to handle complex issues that agencies can’t do because they have more knowledge about the work and they are more skilled also. They have the experience to do the work themselves; so they can diagnose the real problems. SEO Consultants provide a service for a one-time fee. You don’t have to hire an SEO Consultant on ongoing basis. SEO Consultants don’t sign a long term contract. They know that if you are not satisfied with their work you will hire other consultant.

SEO Consultant Negatives

Here are some reasons why you might not want to hire an SEO Consultant. SEO Consultants specialize in few areas of website marketing and search engine; such as they specialize in Paid Search issues. But if an issue arises in some other part of search engine then you have to refer someone else to solve the problem. Sometime the onetime fee of an SEO expert is more than agency.

SEO Agency Positives

There are positive reasons for hiring an SEO Agency. It is cheaper to hire an SEO agency for monthly work. You can spread the cost out over the life of a contract. If you have a large website then you must need a full team of people to work for your site. In this purpose SEO agency is the best option. SEO includes lot of parts like web design, paid search, web development, content etc. A larger website that is updated regularly can be easier for an Agency to handle. Content updates, paid search management, and web development can be handled in one place. Hiring an agency is better for ongoing maintenance and optimization. It is a long term relationship so they know better about your business and your needs.

SEO Agency Negatives

Here are some of the negatives also about SEO agencies. Agencies often, outsource the work to others. The people who talk to you are not doing the work. Agencies do a certain number of hours of work per month and when they reach to that number the work is put off for next month. You are losing sales in that time. Better agencies will identify the problem and give you option to do it right away or spread for month but most of the agencies don’t follow the rule.

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