Check out which American celebrities have been attacked with COVID 19

Introduction – 

The World Health Organization has cautioned that the Coronavirus pandemic is a “characterizing worldwide well-being emergency within recent memory”, as it asked nations to test every single suspected case. 

The United States and nations across the Europe have shut schools, organizations, banks, entertainment zones, Malls, amusement parks and everything except fundamental administrations, with an end goal to battle the infection effectively. 

One thing the Coronavirus Pandemic has demonstrated is that it has no effect what your identity is – nobody is safe. 

Lawmakers, brandishing stars and Hollywood famous people are among those being attacked and infected by this virus.  

What is the Government doing?

Governments are restricting travel – both internal and outward – to control the spread of this infection. South Korea and China, both are careful about imported contaminations, have fixed necessities for worldwide appearances. 

More cases are currently being accounted for outside China, where the infection called COVID-19 initially began toward the end of last year, and spread rapidly across the world. 

Internationally, the infection has now contaminated in excess of 168,000 individuals and executed at any rate 6,610, as indicated by the WHO.

List of celebs who have been hit with COVID 19 and those who are going on self-quarantine period is also exhaustive- 

Coronavirus has constrained the conclusion of Broadway appearances, innumerable TV and film creations, social occasions and live shows. 

1. Tom Hanks and Rita Williams 

The world renowned entertainer and on-screen character, both 63, were in Australia when their tests returned positive with the infection, they said Wednesday. The couple gave an update Thursday on their wellbeing, and their children Chet, 29, and Colin, 42, additionally consoled fans that the two didn’t appear to have extreme indications. Exactly as expected, Tom Hanks downplayed the unnerving circumstance by citing his scandalous “A League of Their Own” character. 

2. Callum Hudson-Odoi, Chelsea 

Chelsea winger Callum Hudson-Odoi tried positive for coronavirus as the pandemic kept on striking the brandishing scene. 

In the early long periods of Friday, Chelsea said the full men’s group crew, training staff and various reserved alcove staff would self-detach after Hudson-Odoi restored a positive test. 

3. Idris Alba 

The famous international on-screen character, 47, reported his analysis Monday, saying he has no indications, yet it “sucks.” British entertainer Idris Elba affirmed he had tried positive for Covid-19 out of a video posted on Twitter on March 16. He said he felt “alright” and had “no manifestations up until this point” yet had started self-secluding subsequent to finding he had come into contact with another known case. 

4. Daniel Dae Kim 

The “Hawaii 5-0” and “Lost” entertainer uncovered in an Instagram update Thursday that he was detected positive for Coronavirus. 

5. Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant was among four individuals from the Brooklyn Nets ball group who tried positive for the coronavirus. The group reported on March 18 that various players were determined to have the ailment, without revealing names.

Conclusion – 

What’s more, this ever spreading virus is guaranteeing more lives each day. 

Celebs and sportsmen succumbing to the illness are carrying attention to its side effects and how to forestall it. Others, as Emily Ratajkowski, Orlando Bloom and Charles Barkley, have openly declared they are going on isolation as a precautionary measure, while some like Naomi Campbell in her extraordinary hazardous materials suit, are sharing.

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