Top SEO trends that will lead you ahead in 2020

What we analyzing nowadays that everyone is competing highly to attain the top rankings in SERP (Search Engine Research page). To continue their position being at the top in the business one must have to look for new SEO trends with which they would be able to generate more revenues and they will be ahead in the market.

Here we have provided a list for a few trends that we will see in 2019:

  • Create high- quality content

If one is not writing the content that is enough to get backlinks, then there are very lesser chances to be in the top. We need to create exceptional content that is fully informed about the services and products.

It is the good quality content on your website that we will help people to know more and helps in increasing engagement on your site.

  • Mobile Indexing

What we see that for most of the sites the content on desktop and on mobile are the same.  But the problem occurs when we didn’t find that the content is not as same on mobile as it is presented on our sites.

Google made the declaration in 2018 by disclosing the mobile first index. Ahead the sites will rank based on UX they execute on mobile phones. So, there is a huge need that we must focus our attention more on optimizing mobile SEO.

  • Optimization for voice search

People are now more interested in voice searches for their desired queries.  More than 50% are using their voice to search the result on SERP. The process has developed during the time and became popular among the users.

We can see the availability of this feature on many devices. Hence it is a must to do the process as per to the user’s interest.

  • Machine Learning

All the SEO practices need enough time and adequate investment of human resources to be visible among the crowd. Now let us move towards the machine learning it is something that will explode in the market in 2019.

           There is a huge need that companies should incorporate with machine learning to give birth to new techniques and generating new content. The collaboration of machine learning with Google’s search algorithm will certainly influence SEO techniques.

  • More technical SEO

           The number of websites is emerging with each passing day due to the advancement of technology and the growing wider sphere of different types of business. So being in the top 10 in search Engine result page would be even more challenging than ever before.

Therefore, technical SEO could prove boon to your business and helps you in getting wider reachability. Few of the important areas of technical SEO are JavaScript, loading speed and Progressive Web Apps (PWA’s). 

With the help of PWA, your website will start to show you the option of “Add to home screen”. By adding it to the home screen it can be used as an APP. 

One must have to struggle to continue to improve the accessibility of their websites with the upper discussed and the trending SEO techniques.

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