5 Essential SEO Tips that can help your business

A website page is the face of your business that helps to boost your business to a new level. Here are some important SEO tips that help you to meet the monthly traffic goals- 

1. Optimize your content 

The result pages of search engine depends on algorithm but search engines reward to those web publishers who create best content not hose who misuse the algorithm. To enhance the website engagement and domain authority you have to attract loyal visitors through high quality content. First of all you have to understand the purpose or intent of a keyword. Visit the result pages of the keyword and find what the users actually want when searching through this keyword. Create a complete page with rich keyword, vivid images, high quality content, interesting information and videos. Make the end in such a way so that the visitors will search for more related contents. 

2. Pillar-cluster model

Search engines needs to understand the context behind every search. For this purpose they find similar queries in the past and deliver the most authoritative content on this topic. So you have to make your website trustworthy on sales, customer service and marketing. Implementation of pillar-cluster model is a good SEO strategy. This model has two pages; pillar page gives an overview of the topic and the cluster page contains the subtopic. Thus you can give signal to search engines that the pillar has the authority of the main topic. Cluster page can also help the pillar page to rank higher with the help of rich keywords. Another brighter side of the pillar-cluster model is it provides a better experience to the audience and boosts the visibility of search engine also. Audience can easily find out their desired topics. 

3. Link-building strategy

To boosting domain authority it is important to earn high quality links from highly authorized pages. But it is not so simple that “If you write it, they will link to it. You have to earn links by networking with relevant websites those have high page authority score. Skyscraper is another method where you find sites with higher ranking contents that have the keyword which you want to rank. Find most relevant site and ask to replace existing link with your content’s link. 

4. Historical optimization strategy

Historical optimization is mainly to refresh the old information with new one and publish as new blog posts. In this way their existing value will be higher and traffic will double and triple. This method also saves time because you don’t have to create huge number of new content while optimize tour website. But it is not for everyone. It is mainly for the blogs with large amount of followers and blog subscribers who supply a surge of shares and backlinks. If you have the two things then historical optimization strategy is a best tactic for you.

5. Compress images

A website contains large images takes long time to load. So when you are optimizing content compress the images in it that will increase the load speed of your page. It will reduce the image resolution but human eye can’t detect the difference of compressed and uncompressed image. 

Though these strategies help to boost your business but one day these tactics will become obsolete. So you have to be updates and think about new strategies every next day. 

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