Achieve your marketing goals with Video Marketing

Visual content is the most powerful way to communicate about the identity of your brand. Videos help in creating unique narratives that are retentive and experiential. Video marketing means creating engaging visual stories and promoting them digitally through paid campaigns or organically to enable them to reach out to the maximum number of target audiences. They can be explainer videos, testimonial videos, brand videos, etc.

Videos are shared more number of times than any other content pushed on digital media. They are most likely to influence purchases than any other form of content. Most marketers agree that video marketing is a critical part of their marketing strategy and they will continue using it.

These are some of the benefits of video marketing:

1. Video marketing simplifies everything: Videos explain things better than static images or written content. If you want to communicate about the launch of a new product, new sales promotion, or even a tutorial on the best way to use your products, videos along with relevant images and narrations work the best in elucidating the message, which is comprehensible by the audiences.

2. Video marketing helps you connect with the right audiences: Interesting content pushed through videos is likely to get viral and reach your intended audiences. Not only this, but video marketing also helps you break the ice with audiences in unexplored territories. Videos are a great way to personify your brand and let the audiences see how your brand is ‘in-action’.

3. Video marketing gets you better SEO rankings: Properly strategized video marketing techniques help in building backlinks to your website through likes and shares that they garner. This helps in driving more traffic to your website, thus making it SEO optimised.

4. Increases your reach: If people like the content that is being produced and shared, they share it across social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. This enables your videos and brand to reach more number of audiences, who might become your consumers down the line.

5. Enhances brand recall: It is a proven fact that people retain visuals more than the written content. Especially, when the content is moving visual imagery, people tend to remember the brand better and for a longer time to come. This not only helps in letting your brand be at the top of the recall while your customers are making a purchase, but they also tend to be more loyal for a longer time.

6. Great way to build trust: Video marketing enables you to tell stories or share your proposition without being too pushy. If you are able to tell interesting stories and give out worthy and useful information, you can gain the trust of your intended consumers. This goes a long way in having a long-term fruitful relationship with them.

7. Video marketing is not restrictive: Consumers these days use a multitude of digital devices today like mobile phones, notepads, laptops, tablets, etc. Videos can stream on any of these devices thereby increasing their penetration and making your audience base bigger and better.

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