Amancio Ortega – The private man

A railway worker’s son, Amancio Ortega started as an assistant in a shirt store. A true story of rags-to-rich: Ortega left school when he was 12 to work as a shirt-maker’s delivery boy, to help support his poor family. He learnt quickly and worked his way up. He worked hard and learnt the basics of business overtime and eventually found success along with his first wife when they co-founded ZARA. Despite Ortega’s private nature, some details about his life have recently been emerged. He wears the same thing to work every day and dines in the company cafeteria.

He has guarded his privacy so carefully that the company has only released one photograph of him, when the company listed in 2001. With a net worth of $57.5 billion, Ortega rarely gives interviews to the press. In a country with sky-high unemployment, Spain’s richest man is a rare self-made mogul amid a corporate culture dominated by family dynasties. It is said that Amancio Ortega is a workaholic and likes to do his work himself and doesn’t take vacations.

This year, Amancio Ortegais is the biggest winner on the Forbes Billionaires list, jumping two spots to become the 3rd-richest man in the world, with a net worth of $57 billion. His net worth rose more than any billionaire on the list: $19.5 billion, helping push his net worth to record heights.

A true inspiration to all business owners, Amancio Ortega is a self made man, who has worked against all odds to reach the pinnacle of success. He is considered to be europe’s richest man owning 59 percent of Inditex, the world’s largest clothing retailer and owner of the Zara chain. Through his closely held investment companies, Ortega also owns office and retail property in major cities throughout Europe and the U.S.

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