Top countries to start a small business in 2013

Starting and registering a new business is never easy. As a business owner you should have an open mind while analyzing all options, plan long term and always have the flexibility to incorporate in countries that more openly embrace capitalism and new business development.

The World Bank Doing business report shows changing trends in the global business environment for over 170 different economies. Between the year 2010 and 2012, over 53 world economies made it easier to start a business.

In the year 2013, these top 5 countries will provide the greatest ease of doing business:

# 1 Singapore

GDP: $240 billion
GDP per capita: $46,241

Consistently ranks highly in terms of one of the best countries in the world to own and operate a business. The country modernized its system by taking all business creation procedures online, requiring detailed disclosure for investors, taking all tax management and payments online, creating a single window for trade across borders.

# 2 Denmark

GDP: $333 billion
GDP per capita: $59,684

The only economy in the world where it costs nothing to start a business, although entrepreneurs do have to show that they have some money in the bank before they can set up shop. Its key advantage compared to other more developed economies in the current global economy is the very strong position of its government fiscal finances.

# 3 New Zealand

GDP: $162 billion
GDP per capita: $39,300

It only takes 24 hours to set up a business in New Zealand, the speediest start-up time in the world. Borrowers and lenders in New Zealand enjoy relatively strong legal rights, while investors have some of the strongest legal protections in the world.

# 4 Hong Kong

GDP: $244 billion
GDP per capita: $34,457

The country has a reputation as operating one of the most open and free-market economies in the world. The country has made several reforms, including putting business creation procedures online, creating a one-stop shop for construction permits, requiring disclosure for investors and paying taxes.

# 5 United States

GDP: $15.1 trillion
GDP per capita: $48,442

Even with its current struggles, the U.S. remains one of the preferred places in the world to open and run a business. The country has relatively low cost and short application process to start a business, speedy importing and exporting processes, and strong investor protections.

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