ORM = SEO (You’re Being Googled)

Online reputation management (ORM) is all about analyzing, monitoring, and mitigating the content on SERPs i.e. search engine result pages. From a brand or business point of view, it primarily involves keeping an eye on what is written about a client or a customer on the Internet, then utilizing refined online and offline techniques in promoting positive content thereby enhancing the online reputation.

ORM is directly related to SEO (search engine optimization) and has become an important element for businesses and brands online. ORM techniques include online promotional activity through new content creation, participation in the social web sphere through forums discussions, blog articles and social networking. It also involves promotion of fresh and “positive” content, building highly social profiles and even creating personal domain names.

The first step towards ORM is to find where your brand or business stands online. The next step is to post positive content i.e. if you want to make negative webpages appear lower in search; you’ll need to create positive content of relevance to push the negative links down.

At Small Business Pool, we offer complete solutions for online reputation management, starting from social media discussion and commenting to forum posting and blog articles. Our consulting approach is unlike the automated methods that works on technology. We do in-depth online research of our business and brand and take necessary steps to enhance your online reputation.

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