Staying SMALL can help you get BIG

The New York Times recently wrote about companies that physically downsized by moving employees into smaller amounts of space and how they not only saved significant amounts of money, but also increased collaboration, teamwork and efficiency.

The idea behind it is not to pack your employees like crabs, but smartly reduce the amount of space you need:

SCAN more & PRINT less:

When’s the last time you cleaned out and got rid of all the paper, and the accompanying cabinets with it? Try scanning documents onto servers rather than keeping physical copies. In fact, there is even software available that satisfies the IRS. Using less paper will help you get rid of unnecessary clutter and space.

Smart Devices & Desks:

Look at slim-profile PCs, printers, and other equipment that could take up less square footage area. Look at rearranging desks so that they fit more efficiently without leaving people feeling overcrowded. Taking some help from an expert in office design could also be a good idea.

Redesign your Data centre:

The less space your servers need, the less space your business needs. Now-a-days companies use more powerful hardware and special software to more effectively use their servers. The technology has come a long way and now smaller companies can get products and services that will allow them to do the same thing as corporate giants.

Encourage telecommuting:

If you think that you need your employees under your watchful eye to get work done, then either you might be hiring the wrong people or you’re not effectively managing. Try to give people options to work home or at remote locations and then have common workspace they can use when in the office.

The above ideas are just a start, on how you can save space, bring your team closer together and become more efficient.

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