Doing business in Beverly Hills

In the mid-1700s Beverly Hills was treasured for its most precious resource – water. For this reason, its early name – El Rodeo de las Aguas (or Gathering of the Waters). Originally a ranch and farmland, the region later transitioned to lima bean fields in the late 19th Century and then was developed as residential property and, ultimately, the “home to the stars”.

As of the current census, the racial makeup of the city is 85.1% White, 7.10% Asian, 1.80% African American, 1.50% from other races, 0.10% Native American and 4.60% of the population were Hispanic or Latino of any race. Beverly Hills is also home to a large Persian/Iranian community.

90210 is one of five ZIP codes for Beverly Hills, and perhaps it is one of the most famous and desired location based on popular culture.

Beverly Hills is home to one Fortune 500 company, Live Nation Entertainment; other companies based in Beverly Hills include Platinum Equity, John Paul Mitchell Systems and Spark Networks. Since August 22, 2011, the headquarters of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer have been located in Beverly Hills.

How to register a business in Beverly Hills?

All Businesses that are located in the City of Beverly Hills or conducting business within the city limits, whether or not the business is physically located in Beverly Hills, must apply for Business Tax registration certificate within 30 days to the start of business. All businesses such as Non-professional Services, Retail, Wholesale, Contractors, Apartment Building Owners, Rental of Commercial Property, Rental of Residential Property including Single Family Homes, and others are taxed according to business type.

Certain types of businesses are required to obtain a special permit prior to applying for a business license. Some of the businesses that are required to obtain this permit are: Amusements, Clubs, Auctions, Escort Bureaus, Massage, Motion Picture/Television Filming, Police Patrol, Second Hand Dealers, Pawnbrokers, Peddlers, Taxicabs, Transient Merchants, Solicitors/Canvassers, and businesses that require a Conditional Use Permit.

Guide to Opening a Business in Beverly Hills

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