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By Gurinder Khera

Quora is the extremely popular new platform that strives to be the definite question-and-answer site for just about any topic on the Web. Like Blekko, it is largely human-driven and invites users to ask questions, provide answers and share their knowledge and comments. Questions are organized into different categories that can also be created by users, leading to a wide range and growing index of topical information.

It is an online social form of a knowledge market. Each user follows topics that they are interested in, and questions in those topics are displayed in the user’s news feed. The service allows users to ask questions and give answers. Additionally, users can comment on the questions and answers and “upvote” or “downvote” the answers. An “Answer Summary” can be created to reflect the consensus of the community. This summary is a wiki that can be edited by any registered user.

Nobody believes that these solutions will threaten Google’s dominance in the world of search any time soon.

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