Rise and Shine above the Crowd: Taste of Video

As businesses struggle to have their websites more interactive and appealing, a video demo can help them do just that.

When PC became a necessity and was offered to more and more public, people started to think about making the Internet as a huge bill board – with lots of websites (post-its) and pictures (pictures). This turned out to be successful and now there are billions of websites on the web doing their job – whatever that maybe.

The idea of having a website for businesses came to entrepreneurs as natural as they could imagine. Some adopted earlier, some did later but eventually everybody had websites on the web, for it was a simple and effective way to approach the public and inform the visitors about what their company does, what it produces and what kind of services it offers.

Then again, some realized that their dry websites filled with text are boring and unattractive to customers. They started to work on visuals, background music, and other improvements that made their websites bloom and shine. They wanted to differentiate their websites from all the other ‘average’ ones.

Now, lots of business owners strive to have websites with both text and visuals that best describe the benefits of using and having their products. It is difficult to judge as visitors to say which websites are helpful and appealing and which are not.

Luckily, some entrepreneurs have their thinking cap on. They began to differentiate their websites again by adding demo videos of products and services.

The world we live is filled with television and online videos that boggle our minds sometimes. However, this is merely a product of its own good: many consumers would rather watch a short length video than read an articulate page-long text that offers valuable information.

Demo videos serve multiple purposes, if done well. First, they operate as an interactive mean to provide visitors with information about the company, products and services. Having a video can effectively lengthen the attention span of the viewers who tend to move on rather quickly, if the website fails to provide them with what they want instantly.

A good demo video can do at least one of three things: educate, engage or entertain. If a video does more than one, that is even better. Its ability to serve multiple roles makes a good return on investment for companies willing to spend the money to have a video – normally, $5,000 to $15,000, depending on the length, animation or involvement of having a demo video can make a good investment for any company looking for a way to rise and shine above the crowd and provide something that resonates with consumers.

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