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This new free social networking website is spreading fast and wide: already rooted in 170 countries, connecting entrepreneurs across the world.

Sprouter is a networking site designed for entrepreneurs, by Sarah Prevette who is the only Canadian to be on the list as Top 30 under 30 in North America – the list was put together by Inc. magazine. It was less than a year that Sprouter was introduced to web, but it is already embraced by entrepreneurs in 170 countries. That is impressive.

What has made this website so special and fast-growing? One of the many possible answers to that is in it unique setup that creates an atmosphere that is similar to a seminar rather than an informative website or Facebook.

Sprouter is a forum where entrepreneurs log on and ask questions and state challenges they are facing which is followed by the answers from peers and connection through answering or making an introduction. It is a very active, and participation based community which spread throughout the web very quickly. Sprouter took off rapidly because many small business owners or entrepreneurs did not have a pool of information and resources that they can access to. Also, the information and advices are provided by people similar to them, making it more credible and precise.

Undoubtedly, it would have been difficult for Sprouter to have a strong base community when it was launched. Ms. Prevette explains that she marketed the site based on grass roots and voluntary support from the users over the course of its launching. Members referred Sprouter to other users, friends or even entrepreneurial publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Inc.

The success of Sprouter was inspired by the struggle Ms. Prevette had to go through while establishing her first company, which is a pop culture website for teenagers. She noted that it would have been much easier to get help and find information if there was a source that she can rely on or a source kind enough to answer her cold calling wholeheartedly. The idea was based on the fact that there would be someone like her trying to set up her own business but lacking information and guidance.

As Sprouter became world-wide, the pool of information and potential connections grew larger; it began to provide possible clients, investors and partners as well for entrepreneurs across the globe. One of the issues of being too popular is that often the question you post on the forum may get pushed back before it is answered. This is why Sprouter is launching is new free Q&A service. This addition will provide a whole new forum where successful business owners can directly advise early stage entrepreneurs, on top of peer-to-peer service Sprouter offers. The new feature will have qualified – by Sprouter team – people who can answer questions that would have been lost in the wave of many others.

Sprouter offers a place where information and ideas can be shared and be improved through discussion. It also provides an environment for start-up entrepreneurs to acquire specific and need-to-know tips that may help them grow their business. The sheer numbers of its members speak for the quality and efficiency of the site.

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