Powerful Words to Use in Your Resume that Get You the Job

Everyone looking for a job needs to use specific words in their resume that will get the hiring manager’s attention. You can find these words to use in your CV all over the internet.

I’m talking about action words here. Kickresume.com says that you need to use 10-20 action-oriented words or phrases. They believe that using action words will get your resume read by the hiring manager.

Words to use in your resume & words to avoid

Filler words are those words that do not describe exactly what you’ve done in your previous job. These words make the hiring manager confused and frustrated. Example of filler words: ‘actively’, ‘persuasively’, ‘frequently’.

Thus, make sure that you drop adverbs from your resume because they don’t paint a picture of your skills and/or previous work experience.

For example, ‘listened actively to manager’s instructions’ is better worded this way: ‘listened to the manager’s instructions’.

Other filler words to avoid are pronouns: ‘I’, ‘my’, ‘mine’, ‘their’. It is wise to ditch these words if you rely heavily on them.

Flowery language is also detrimental to your resume’s health. Don’t create long paragraphs where you describe what you’ve done. Get to the point immediately by being clear and concise about your previous work duties.

But the best words you can use in your resume are verbs. These action-focused verbs describe what you’ve done in the past. This way, the employer can paint a clear picture in their mind of what you can do for them. If you’ll be a valuable addition to the team or not.

A great word to use in your resume is ‘collaborated’ and/or ‘connected’.

Employers want to see that you’ve collaborated at work to deliver solutions to the company’s problems. Every business out there encounters problems. Hiring managers want to seek out people who are solution-oriented and who not only want to find a job to pay the bills.

Describe the solution you found at your previous job. How did this solution help the company grow? Did it grow because of your collaborative efforts?

The words to use in your resume that attract the attention of an employer paint a nice picture of how the company will grow if they decide to hire you.

Words to use in your resume that signify company growth

Growth-related words help position yourself as a go-getter. You need to convince the employer that you are the solution to their company’s problems and they should hire you based on this picture you’ve painted for them.

Verbs to use that signify growth: built, conceived, developed, initiated, directed, developed, led, publicized, advanced.

If you want to position yourself as a person with collaborative skills, use the following words: inspired, collaborated, interviewed, interacted, delegated, launched, proposed, connected, hired.

However, you need to provide a context for these action-filled verbs. For example, if you use ‘expanded’ as a word in your resume, express how you have expanded the company’s vision. A good phrase would be: ‘Expanded the company’s vision by implementing a marketing strategy’.

Numbers and time frame

Apart from using action words in your resume, you also need to use numbers and a time frame for every accomplishment. For example, you can say ‘Delivered a marketing strategy in 6 months that attracted 50 new leads to the business.’

Using numbers in your resume is going to position you as a success-driven person who loves getting results. Thus, make sure you don’t skip this tip.


Following these tips to write your resume is easy. You need to be clear about what you’ve accomplished in the past by using action verbs and dropping flowery language out of your text.

You also need to remember to provide a time frame for your success and use numbers to quantify the results you had.

Job hunting is a daunting process. However, if you create a strong resume filled with action words that show off your skills and abilities, you’re on your way to landing that dream job.

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