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Tinder Profiles for Men: 3 Tips and Tricks:

Tinder is a free dating app that offers special features if you shell out some money for a premium plan. Although Tinder has a reputation for a being a hook-up app – a tool to connect people who are only seeking casual sexual encounters – plenty of people have also met long-term partners and even spouses through Tinder. It is easy to use. You set up a profile which includes your name, age, location and a gallery of pictures of yourself. Most importantly – you must include a bio. You have 500 characters to sell yourself as match-material. Tinder will then present you with one profile at a time and you can either swipe right to potentially match with this person, or swipe left to indicate that you are not interested. Both people must swipe right in order for a match to be made, and a match must be made in order for two people to be able to message one another. The more you match, the more people you meet, the more chances you have to achieve your goal – be it a hookup, a relationship, or a marriage; however, since men make up 78% of the Tinder population, and women make up only 21%, it’s essential for a man to have a standout profile in order to be noticed. Here is what to do, and what to avoid.

  1. Quality Pictures

Include quality pictures of yourself that showcase your authentic self. There is a reason why the “fish picture stereotype” exists:  everyone is beyond tired of swiping through hundreds of pictures of men holding fishes, so please stop. Shirtless mirror pictures are also a bad idea. Although it makes sense that you are trying to advertise yourself, it feels a little trashy and desperate. Your pictures should also be current – meaning, taken within the year. Nothing inspires regret quite as much as showing up to a Tinder date only to find that your match looks nothing like his picture from five years ago. Do not use your senior photos if you are in your thirties. 

  1. Write a High Quality Bio

Write a bio that is going to attract some attention. First, you should include a joke that is actually original and funny; tell me a dad joke. Next, you should include your height (Tinder doesn’t have a feature that requires users to enter their height, but your potential matches want to know). Finally, you should include what you are looking for. Whether you are looking for your soulmate, a date for a wedding, or no-strings-attached-sex, being straight up about it will only save you time and effort and people will respect you for your honesty.

  1. Avoid the Cliche, Irrelevant, and Arrogant. 

Avoid these overused statements at all costs: “Pineapple belongs / doesn’t belong on pizza” (so controversial);  “420 Friendly” (whether or not you smoke weed does not really seem relevant – unless you are looking for a drug dealer); “Dog / cat / plant dad or looking for a mom to my dog, cat, plant, ect.” (These statements are way overused and make it seem like having a dog / cat / plant is your entire personality). Also be sure not to use exclusionary language like “looking for a Gemini” (and honestly who would be purposefully looking for a Gemini?); or, “looking for someone to go camping with on the weekends.” This statement completely narrows down your matches to a miniscule demographic of people who just happen to be interested in camping AND you. The exclusionary language is especially off putting when you include a touch of arrogance. While statements like “No, I’m not interested in your OF or Premium Snapchat,” or “not interested in hookups so don’t even ask,” communicate what you are looking for, the tone feels abrasive. Instead of making it aggressively clear what you do not want from others, consider just including your own clear intentions. 

Follow these tips to build a stand-out profile, but above all, strive to be your authentic self.

Jacqui Donaldson is an American writer and teacher. Her work has been published in The Vehicle, Loud Coffee Press, Across the Margin and others. Connect with Jacqui on Instagram and Twitter @Jacquiverse.

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