Jordan Peele Movies You Must See

Jordan Peele Movies You Must See

Native New Yorker Jordan Haworth Peele started his career as an actor in the comedy show MAD TV. After he left the show, he and friend Keegan-Michael Key created their own comedy series, Key & Peele. Both men starred in FX’s Fargo, and then wrote and produced the movie Keanu. In 2017, Peele released his first film Get Out, which was called a horror masterpiece, and he’s directed three more films since.


Daniel Kaluuya’s character Chris, and Allison William’s character Rose, are a couple who travel to meet Rose’s parents. Rose’s parent’s exhibit eerily strange behavior and Chris just writes this off as a nervous reaction to their daughter’s interracial relationship, until some truly sinister events begin to unfold. Get Out is a psychological thriller and was nominated for an Oscar.  

2. US

In US, Peele’s second horror film, Adelaide – played by Lupida Nyong’o – is a mother and wife who brings her family on a vacation to her childhood home on the beach. Adelaide’s childhood trauma comes back to haunt her in the form of creepy synchronicities and evil doppelgangers. This movie has jump scares and lots of gore. 


In Peel’s newest movie, siblings Emerald (played by Keke Palmer) and Daniel (played by Daniel Kaluuya), try to secure evidence of a UFO after their dad is struck dead by objects falling from the sky. To make matters weirder, the horses and ranchers become afflicted by a creepy biological force. It’s the chilling and perturbing elements which make this movie spooky. 


Directed by Henry Selick, Wendell & Wild is from a script by him and Peele and is based on a book. It will be a stop-action animated horror movie about two demon brothers who manipulate a kid into summoning them. Look for this upcoming film starring Jordan Peele as Wendall.

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