The best e-commerce platforms for small businesses

The best e-commerce platforms for small businesses

Ecommerce has taken the world by storm, and it is no secret why a lot of businesses have decided to go online, including small businesses. This is because the internet provides a vast sea of opportunities, for businesses looking to expand their customer reach and grow. For small businesses in search of opportunities to better represent their services and boost their online traffic, there exists a plethora of e-commerce platforms to assist with this process. 

Choosing the right e-commerce platform for your business is of utmost importance, and it can either make or break your growing business. This is why we’re here to help make the selection process much easier, by highlighting what these platforms have to offer and the benefits of using e-commerce platforms.

Some of the best and most popular e-commerce platforms existing for small businesses today are

  • Shopify
  • Square Online
  • Wix
  • BigCommerce
  • Weebly 


Shopify is your all-in-one commerce platform that provides room for multiple services and features, especially for small businesses. Shopify is designed with software that was specifically made for start-up businesses looking to build their brand.

Shopify offers three(3) standard pricing categories, to make provision for whatever budget your business may have. There is a basic Shopify for $29.99/month,  Shopify for $79/month, and Advanced Shopify: for $299/month. The best part of its pricing system is that Shopify provides a 14-day free trial period for you to be able to decide what system would work best for you.

Square Online

If your business is mainly a physical one, that is looking to expand by going digital, then this might be the best e-commerce platform for you. Square Online is a platform that allows you to sell your products while promoting your business online.

Square Online offers a completely free membership plan, but if you want its added incentives, you might have to upgrade to one of its paid memberships which are divided into three(3) categories. Professional, which costs about $12/month, Performance which is $26/month, and Premium for $72/month.


For small businesses looking for a creative website that provides amazing visuals, then Wix has everything you need. Wix boasts a lot of eye-catching features that give you an exceptionally creative professional and personal edge over your website, even if you are a beginner. 

Although you can start up for free, like most e-commerce websites, Wix also has a three(3) tiered pricing system. Business Basic: $23/month; Business Unlimited: $27/month; Business VIP: $49/month. Wix also provides numerous discounts and coupon options for its members.


BigCommerce can be recommended as the best e-commerce platform for small businesses looking to expand into channels and build a large enterprise, but its features can be a little bit complex to understand. BigCommerce has integrated channels that streamline your entire business and cuts out over-reliance on various apps.

BigCommerce has a free trial period of 15 days, after which you’ll be prompted to make payment under one of three payment categories namely standard for $29.95/month, Plus for $79.95/month, and Pro: $299.95/month. You do get certain discounts when you pay annually.


Out of all the mentioned websites, Weebly has the most user-friendly interface. Some might go as far as to call it the start-up of start-up businesses because Weebly in itself is still being developed to reach its peak potential. With its basic features, and easy-to-use tools, Weebly is a home for even the most unskilled person.

Weebly offers a free membership package for its features, but it also offers a budget-friendly $12 per month package for its Pro version. The best part about Weebly is its affordability and ease of use, and it is the best place for a small business that is still finding its footing.

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