5 Shocking Facts About The Google Smartwatch

Yes we’ve all heard about the Google Smartwatch, and we’ve all been at the edge of our seats waiting for it. Although all we’ve heard are mostly rumors, there have been some leaked photos of this device. Given that we have heard several rumors and now even have leaked photos, we think it’s pretty safe to say a Google Smartwatch is definitely in the works. Are we sure on specs and release date? Not so much. 

1. The watch is rumored to release this year, some sources state in May! The leaked photos have emerged and show off its sleek design. A trademark for Pixel Watch has been filed by Google, which indicates it could come out quite soon. How soon? There are a few sources stating as soon as May, but we will have to wait and see to know for sure.

2. In terms of specs it’s rumored the Google Smartwatch will likely use the same chipset the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 used. There’s even a rumor that could entail some motion features. You may be able to do things like skip songs by simply just waving your hand.

3. Another rumor we heard is that there may be possible varied watch faces, anywhere from heart rate, to weather, and even step counter. There’s talk of a big focus on fitness since Google bought Fitbit. Google even sent out a survey about what features they’d like to see in the Watch OS, and some of the features included oxygenation tracking, sleep apnea detection, sleep analysis, heartbeat alerts, recovery time monitoring, stress tracking, pairing for medical devices and gym equipment, rep detection, and calorie tracking. Of course, these are just rumors to some of the features that could be added. 

4. There is also a rumored feature called “blackghost” in which the power management circuit built into the chip will allow the Google Smartwatch to listen out for voice commands at all times without draining the battery. If that’s the case, this could be huge for Google, as there isn’t anything else out there that’s like this, or at least that we know of. 

5. Another report stated that there may be three varied types of watches. We have heard it all, but the names that keep popping up are devices with code names Ling, Triton and Sardine all in development at Google headquarters. 

Of course there’s still the concern of the chip shortage, and there’s honestly just no telling if any of these rumors are true, and with the chip shortage there’s no telling when things will get pushed back or if they’ll be pushed back at all. However it is fun to always be on the lookout for new technology. Our guess is just as good as yours, we will just have to wait and see, what Google will come out with. 


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