are transgender athletes being discriminated?

Are transgender athletes being discriminated?

Since day one, women and men have been separate since birth. Most people would say it is because of society; others depict it from a biological standpoint. People have been debating if trans women should be on a sports team for cisgender people. This argument happened when South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem passed a bill that states trans women are not allowed to participate in women’s sports. When White House Secretary Carine Jean-Pierre saw this, she responded on Twitter about the governor’s decision. 

“Here’s a start for you, Governor,” Jean-Pierre wrote in a tweet from her official account. “1. Don’t advance policies that attack trans youth, 2. Don’t fund ads attacking LGBT youth, 3. support @POTUS’ agenda to enhance support for youth mental health needs, with funding made available through the American Rescue Plan.”(February 18, 2022; Fox News)

I can see what Jean Pierre is coming from with her statment because trans-woman athletes get discriminated against on a daily. Since their identity is unique, people do not understand it because it does not align with their situation. Someone who does not understand something tends to judge based on fear. Usually, that is the case whenever it comes to trans athletes. They always get harsh treatment from their fellow teammates which causes them to get less oppritunity. From the website called News nation, it talks about organization ACLU handling trans athletes incorrectly.

“Smith and her attorney argue that allowing transgender athletes to compete robs other girls of trophies and scholarships. The ACLU says the issue has never been about “protection,” but rather exclusion, and the idea that women and girls have an advantage because they are trans ignores the actual conditions of their lives.

The organization says 22% of trans youth are harassed so badly they had to leave school. 

14 states allow transgender participation with certain conditions like hormone treatments or other proof of the athlete transitioning.” (Newsnation, Jan 27, 2021)

Even though Ms. Jean Pierre had a point protecting the trans youth, is she keeping in mind trans-gendered strength versus cisgender’s? She needs to understand that boys have more to deal with than girls. When transitioning into the opposite gender, not everything in their body transforms completly. The website all about powerlifting gives us some insight from a biological standpoint.

“However, men tend to be noticeably heavier, with greater amounts of muscle mass, larger skeletons, stronger tendons/ligaments, and a more powerful cardiovascular system.  One would predict that those differences in male and female physiology would affect how one might perform on the various components of fitness, which is what sports typically contest.” ( August 12, 2019; All about powerlifting)

 Not everything in the body matches the cisgender body. Since some trans people do not undergo a transition, they have an advantage based on capabilities. The website called powerlifting, explains how the body functions. 

“To the best of my knowledge, a full transition does very little to counteract these significant and permanent differences, and many transgender athletes have not gone through a full transition. ” (August 12, 2019; All about powerlifting)

 It is very understandable why the governor of South Dakota created that law because it was for cisgender people’s protection. With basic information on male and female bodies, she did not want to put anyone at risk. Do we refrain trans people from being treated equally in sports? No, we still should treat transgender people like normal human beings, and they should have the right to access all sports activities. Just because you have an opinion should not restrict their rights. There must be a way where we can make them feel equally included without hurting them.

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