Trump Still Insists On A Rigged Election

Trump Still Insists On A Rigged Election

We all know how sensitive presidential elections can be, and the 2020 presidential election was no different. Biden won the election conducted last month to bag his place as the 45th president of the United States.The 45th president of the United States is showing no signs of backing down, because he remains adamant in his claims that the Biden party rigged the election. President Trump made that very clear during his first rally after the election.

What Trump Said

Trump started by saying that he clearly won the election in Georgia, even though election results have stated otherwise. As expected, a lot of Trump and Republicans supported him, while the Democrats disagreed with his clams. Trump made his thoughts known to his supporters, saying that no president has ever lost an election after winning Florida and Ohio. He said “If I lost, I would be a very gracious loser. If I lost, I would say I lost and I would go to Florida and I would take it easy.”

After, he went on to say that the election, in general, was rigged. He believed that the Democrats rigged the election in their favor, and that they were going to rig the senatorial elections. He said “they cheated and they rigged our presidential election, and they’re gonna try to rig this election too.”

Urging On His Supporters

Trump urged his supporters to go and vote for Republican candidates at the Senate elections in Georgia. He also assured his supporters that he wouldn’t give up in his endeavor to prove that the Biden party rigged the election. He said “You must go vote and vote early starting December 14. You have to do it. They cheated and they rigged our presidential election, but we will still win it. We will still win it. We’ll still win it. And they’re going to try and rig this election, too.”

The crowd jumped for joy and commended the President on his motivating speech. As parting words, he called his supporters to action, telling his supporters how the two people running for senatorial positions in the Republican Party are the most capable people for the job.

Over a Month After

The elections were concluded earlier this year. The American people cast their votes, they were counted, and Biden was declared winner. Even world leaders like Vladimir Putin have acknowledged the result. But not President trump, never. Trump still shows no sign of backing down from his fight to “uncover the truth”. He has even blamed other officials such as Georgia governor Brian Kemp for failing to stop the rigging of the elections. What this means for the economy is a lot of stressed placed on it. this is because if Trump remains steadfast in his stance, things could get ugly.

The closest Trump has come to conceding, was when he hurriedly said “If we don’t win, I don’t say, ‘lose.’ I say, ‘I don’t win,” according to Axio’s source. Whether or not Trump decides to accept his fate and concede remains to be seen. As for now, the fact remains that come 2021, Biden will be appointed the 46th president of the United States.

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