How To Have a Happy and Fulfilling Life?


Life is filled with mystery at every step that makes you stop right in your tracks and wonder what’s the right way of living it? But it’s true that there is no single, sure shot and straightforward way to live your life. Life takes a very zig-zag path and usually it’s not about the path at all, but the trail you live behind.

Travel Makes You Happy.

Travel helps you increase your mental well-being and overall wellness. Whether you are taking a solo backpack trip across a continent or a traveler who has left everything behind for a life on the road.

It builds self-confidence and makes you a happier person. It breaks routines, habits and patterns. New memories and experiences are made as you meet people from all over the world. You challenge your boundaries and gain new experiences and insights.

Travel acts as the perfect catalyst for happiness as it has allowed me to experience the natural, cultural and man-made wonders of the world. It makes you more contented, happy and relaxed person in the longer run. It helps you gain a perspective, develop a broad mindedness which makes you happy and feel fulfilled.


I really learned about gratitude when traveling through Hampi. When once I would have complained about a no internet, but when I saw people just grateful for clean air and plenty of time to relax. It really helps to put things into perspective.

Take the time to remember how ridiculously lucky you are. Even if it doesn’t feel that way, it could always be worse. Share laughter, love and gratitude every sometimes when you can, and you’re left with an overwhelming feeling of abundance, fulfillment and happiness.

Listen to your gut.

When I am cycling on the road and when the breeze touches my face and I breathe the fresh air in, my eyes become moist and I feel buoyant. I feel in tune with myself as when I am on the road with no one to interrupt my thoughts. There have been numerous times when I’ve gotten myself out of precarious situations and avoided them completely by listening to my gut as a reliable and trustworthy source.

If you silence your mind and listen to the body. Our gut is widely considered as our second brain. Your gut feeling is the intuition in physical form always listen to what it has to say.

Neither Here Nor There.

I learned this after I had my wallet, and mobile disappeared from my bag suddenly while I was traveling in a near empty bus. Every day you will face challenges that are in and out of your control. Either way, there’s no sense in worrying about them.

If the situation is out of your control, whatever is going to happen will happen no matter what. If you cancontrol it, then take a deep breath and face it with a calm mind to make the process much easier. But worrying will get you nowhere.

Follow your heart and dreams.

Following your heart and going for your dreams is a vital part of living a life of fulfillment and happiness, you can’t really neglect it.

Everyone talks about following your dreams, but only a very few do. You only live once and you only die once, so you should make the best of your life and live on your own terms.

These were the top five ways to live a life of happiness and fulfillment. Take some time out of your busy schedules and ponder over these points and then find ways to incorporate them in your life.

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Sanket Alurkar is a MA Creative Writing Student at Kingston University. He is passionate about storytelling, writing, reading books. He loves to go out for cycling, adventure sports and loves to cook.

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