Top 6 robotic companies to look for in 2021

It appears to be a decent year for the world’s top industrial robotics companies, with an oversized number of them enhancing and disentangling the business. Industrial robotics services are also benefiting, expecting an incremental growth of overflow $4 billion by 2021.

The industrial robotics companies listed below are likely to dominate the worldwide robotics industry in 2021. We have been closely monitoring the foremost recent industrial robotics industry trends to create an in-depth portfolio of marketing research reports. These reports help the clients identify opportunities within the market to optimize their market positions and develop effective strategies.

The best of the lot are listed here for you :

1.Mitsubishi Electric

Since 1980, this company has introduced a decent range of robotic systems that help improve productivity in high-speed and precision performance in manufacturing. Mitsubishi added to its range of compact SCARA and articulated arm robotics with the addition of Codian Robotics’ exclusive delta style robots.

2.FANUC Robotics

Covering a varied range of industries and applications, FANUC Robotics offers over 100 models of commercial robots that are easy to figure and provide great flexibility. FANUC has never taken its market dominance with no consideration and has been dynamically working on smarter and versatile solutions, particularly people that incorporate AI (AI).


This is another Japanese brand that has led the commercial robotics industry since the first launch of its all-electric industrial robot Motoman In 1977. With over 300,000 Motoman robots, 18 million inverter drives and 10 million servos and 18 million installed globally, Yaskawa has successfully commercialized optimum robots for various uses including arc welding, assembly, dispensing, material handling, material removal, material cutting, packaging, and spot welding.


Kuka,the german industrial giant is one of the world’s largest producers of robotics that manufacture automobiles, characterized by its signature bright orange crane-like bots. KUKA Robotics offers a totally integrated range of automated robotics, control technology, and customised software solutions. Since 2004, automation and robotics are the company’s primary focus, and non-core areas are closed or sold. In 2016, Kuka, a corporation whose robots already grace several factory floors, was acquired by Midea Group, a Chinese household company, for USD$3.9 billion.

5.Epson robots

This pioneering company first entered the North and South American Market in 1984 because the EPSON Factory Automation Group. Originally founded to support automation needs, EPSON quickly became prominent in many of the foremost important manufacturing sites throughout the world . For the last three decades, EPSON Robots has been leading the automation industry for small parts assembly products and has introduced several industry firsts, including compact SCARA robots, PC based controls, and much more.


With over 160,000 robotics installed worldwide, the Japan-based Kawasaki may be a leading provider of commercial robots and automation systems with a broad product portfolio. Kawasaki robotics was foremost in Japan to commercialize industrial robots. Ever since then, the corporation has developed several robots as a domestic pioneer and has contributed to growth in many industry verticals through automation and labor-saving systems. In 2015, Kawasaki began sales of duAro, a classy, dual-arm SCARA robot that can work alongside humans.

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