Top 5 mobile games that can keep you busy

No one likes to stay quarantined. But COVID-19 has made us stay at home for days. Constant intimidating news headlines and mass social distancing has been the major reason for stress in people. Concerts, events and other plans have been postponed due to which everyone’s looking for some quarantine entertainment at this time. It is not always possible to spend all your time doing what you love.

Therefore, mobile games are a way of ending your boredom. So now, here’s a listing of the top 5 mobile games that can keep you busy!

1. Alto’s Odyssey 

Alto’s Odyssey is a mobile game inspired by Alto’s Adventure. It’s a game with the most amazing landscape- from dunes to canyons to temples, you’ll have the most amazing experience. The game is easy to understand but difficult to master. It contains six unique characters. You can discover secrets in the sky though hot air balloons! Alto’s odyssey has some amazing lightings and weather effects. The game is also available on the iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV. Don’t forget to use headphones to have a wonderful audible experience!

2. Angry Birds 2 

Angry birds game is favorite to almost everyone. Angry birds 2, is a puzzle mobile game that is free and can be played with friends! You can choose your favorite bird to put in the slingshots and attack the enemy pigs. Multi-stage levels and daily challenges make the game more interesting. You can even create a clan with your friends and defeat the pigs. A feature called Impress the Eagle helps you earn coins. Collecting Silly Hats will make your birds look fashionable. Prove that you’re the best with the leaderboards available. Enjoy Angry Birds 2 in these quarantine days!

3. Ballz

Swipe your fingers, throw the balls and break the bricks! Ballz is an endless game that can be enjoyed with mates. Though high scores in this game are difficult to reach, it’s easy to play. To get additional balls and make an endless ball chain, you will need to collect all the items. The level of bricks increases after every round. Ballz is very addictive, so it can keep you busy all day. The game is free and is available in the playstore.

4. Fortnite

Fortnight is a mesmerizing mobile game in three distinct versions. It is a game of building forts and fighting monsters. The two distinct modes of the game include Save The World mode and the Battle Royal mode. Save the World mode contains a post-apocalyptic land in which a sudden storm made 98% of the population disappear and partly replaced by dangerous zombies. The Battle Royale consists of an island where 100 players fight to survive. The game is a true time-killer!

5. Minecraft

Minecraft is a very popular game among game lovers. In this game, you can build the smallest homes to the grandest castles! You can play this game in a group of four. The game has the most unique maps and textures to enjoy. One of the best games to keep you busy all day!

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