How is AI shaping the world of fashion?

Artificial Intelligence is in fashion nowadays and yes, the pun is intended. The technological aspect of this century couldn’t help but rule the way we talk, walk, sleep and even dress. From Apple’s Siri to Amazon’s Alexa, we’ve been taking advice from the artificially intelligent voice bots as if they are humans. Most of you might find it absurd but Amazon’s Echo Look is an official device with an unprecedented ability to rate your outfits and tell you what is more fashionable to wear nowadays.

It compares two or more outfits and chooses the one which looks more pleasing. In fact, the suggestions you get on Myntra or any other online shopping application are facilitated by Artificial Intelligence. They follow your interests and memorize whatever it is that might be relevant to your style. Social media runs on the same principle and this is how Instagram or Facebook know what exactly it is that one wants to shop for. Gone are the days when fashion was more about the materials and fabrics used. In this age of reinvention, the industry has undergone a tremendous change and people want to express themselves through what they wear.

There are numerous online styling apps available nowadays which provide professional assistance. For instance, myBataz app is a Bangalore-based app which is able to find any dress, top or skirt that you liked, within a minute. If you felt a fancy for an ethereal yellow dress worn by your long-lost school buddy in her latest Instagram picture but you couldn’t ask her for the location, this app has you covered. Just upload the picture on myBataz and you will get a list of all e-commerce sites where the top is available at, thanks to AI Recognition. Isn’t it convenient? It definitely is!

On the other hand, some of us might want to question the sustainability of these AI ways of the fashion industry. Could a robot really understand what we want to wear to our high school sweetheart’s wedding? While some of us will promptly say yes, the others would rather pause and ponder over the question. Robots aren’t capable of articulating our feelings yet. They might not understand the difference between a mehandi function of our best friend and a wedding event of our office colleague. So, what do we do in such cases? We rely on the good old shopping spree with our sisters. Most of us are still under the idea of buying after trying and the online world has a lot to catch up to.

However, this might change soon. The way this world of Artificial Intelligence is changing, we won’t be surprised if all the great markets are converted into extravagant online bazaars. The great insiders of the fashion industry swear by it as well. In a report by The Guardian, the Fashion Innovation Agency Head at the London College of Fashion, Matthew Drinkwater cites the lower waste rate of AI platforms due to supplying what the consumers exactly want as a reason to favor the technological invasion. Many echo his views and some disagree.

hat is your take on the issue? Being a consumer, it is you who matter. Would consumers really get used to making the AI fashion the only kind of fashion? Only time will tell.

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