The benefits of hiring a virtual assistant/remote assistant

Siri, please play my favorite song. Playing- “Shape of you”. This song has over 6 Billion views, but your virtual assistance doesn’t go by the popularity of the song but caters to what the phone user has most played on his apple music. From Siri to Alexa to Google Assistance this artificial intelligence software’s are taking the whole world to a new facet of technology. But still, these algorithms cannot function in a customized manner. It might leave you frustrated with the coded commands from these applications. The day is still far when they can totally replace secretaries.

With internet’s staggering growth, it has enabled to connect so many people around the world with just one click making organizations hire virtual assistants also referred to as a digital or remote assistant. They understand your working style and do administrative work otherwise performed by assistants or secretaries and operate outside clients operating area, in their comfort zone, usually their homes. The virtual assistant duty depends usually on the client’s requirements and terms of their contract. They are not just limited to performing clerical work but you can hire a virtual assistant for a specific job, specializing in that work area.

Let’s understand the benefits of having a virtual assistant with ASSIST:

A – Available 24/7

If your business requires a watching eye 24/7, don’t worry you can hire virtual assistants from any part of the world. Match the time zone of the virtual assistant with your requirement, they usually offer the flexibility of timings. Their flexibility ensures that business can be done in the shortest time possible even at the wee hours.

S- Save money

Since virtual assistants work offsite so you don’t have to spend on real estate or office equipment. All the expenses of traditional employees can be avoided such as benefits or insurance.

S- Strengthen business growth

A virtual assistant can save you from the daily mundane employee work so you can focus on the tasks necessary for business growth. You can divert your less important work to your assistant to prepare an organized work schedule itinerary for a clear day’s objective.

I- It’s Convenient

Unlike having an office assistant whom you have to keep busy because you are paying him/her loads of money you can hire and pay for “on-task” basis. They are easily accessible through various modes of remote connection.

S- Save Time

You don’t have to brainstorm on company’s outings and recreation, saving you a lot of time. To top it all you also save time on job postings and training the employees or any other fees associated with employee recruiting.

T- Trained Individual

A virtual assistant is a great instrument that can assist you in organizing meetings to providing marketing assistance. They are trained in a number of services so you can offload certain tasks to them. You can hire an assistant with particular skill sets to match your needs.

So when are you hiring your virtual assistant?

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