UPGRADE : The Concept of Robotics

Aren’t we all captivated with superheroes tricks and toys, be it Batman’s “Batpod” or Iron Man’s very intelligent system a.ka. “Jarvis”. What if you could UPGRADE all that with a stem-‘a better brain’ instilled in your body which fuels up your strength, speed and intelligence. The field, which is slowly moving from academia to commercial applications, the day is not far of this becoming a reality. It is positively electric to watch movies such as Upgrade, Ex Machina, Terminator, Wall E and The Matrix to convey the future of assistive and enraptured technology to redirect world’s 7.1 billion populations. Not so distant future where self-driving cars, drones are the norm, one day humans will be able to download brains to a computer and let their algorithms take care of everything. I see the future and it is a volcano of technology erupting.

The dawn of robots is no longer an idea of science fiction, but is quickly becoming an intrinsic part of our daily lives. In one of the reports issued by International Data Corporation, it gave insight into the growing robotic industry, with a 19.6% annual growth rate which predicts that sales will reach $201.3 billion by 2022. In the bifurcation of the robotic industry Industrial robotic solutions will account for the largest share of robotics spending followed by the service and consumer robots.

But booms and busts are the rhythm of this sector where the rapid convergence of robotics and artificial intelligence has accelerated the incubation of next-generation intelligent robots for industrial, commercial, and consumer applications , on the other hand robotics show a dangerous rebels against humanity because as technological advances robots utilizing artificial intelligence and automation to streamline processes currently handled under the supervision of human beings will significantly alter the scenario . As the cost of complexity of tasks goes down with robots, it is likely companies already using robots will use even more of them.

I think the fear surrounding the factory of the future is best articulated by Warren Bennis’ seminal quote, “The factory of the future will have only two employees, a man and a dog. The man will be there to feed the dog. The dog will be there to keep the man from touching the equipment.”

With the rapidly increasing power of the internet of things and artificial intelligence techniques, robots have dramatically increased their potential as flexible automation tools. We may program them, give them instructions, in some cases train them, but we do not control them completely. Ultimately Artificial intelligence implanted in the machines would be a recreation of the human thought process –“a man-made machine with our intellectual abilities.”This would include the ability to learn just about anything, the ability to reason and question, the ability to use language and the ability to formulate original ideas with precision.

The science fiction which one celebrated the future has turned dystopian because people no longer have an optimistic view of technology’s ability to have a long-term positive impact on mankind.

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