Resolution 2015: Try to be more LIKEABLE

It is not about the looks but the attitude you carry that makes you likable. Such people are more likely to become leaders, make more money, get better opportunities, and attract other positive people as mates. Look around, and you will find that the most likable people make it their business to stay attractive regardless of how life shines upon them.

Here are the top five things you could do today to become more likeable:

1. Listen

Active listening is the key! Most likeable people have mastered the art of listening. We come across many people who are always preoccupied with themselves and what is on their own mind. They are always thinking and planning on what to say next and simply forget to listen actively. While communicating, a likeable person is aware of the fact that it is important to make the opposite person comfortable by listening to them and acknowledging their presence.

2. Learn

We have all heard the saying, “It is never too late to LEARN”! Also, there is no doubt that smart is sexy and ignorance is ugly. Amazingly attractive people know that it’s not necessary to be a genius to uphold admiration, but it helps to be aware of current events and develop your mind by always learning new things. Try this: give an hour a day to making yourself smarter and see a whole new crowd of people join you in discussions.

3. Watch what you speak

It is important to have control on what comes out of your mouth. Nothing makes attractive people unpleasant faster than stupid things they say. Incredibly likeable people know that you don’t have to be the smartest person in the room to retain interest, but demonstrating your ignorance is sure to shove people away. It is always seen that being enigmatic and attractive goes together, so whenever you get an opportunity, say enough to generate interest and always leave people wanting more of your brain.

4. Believe in giving

A generous soul is an enormous attractor. Amazingly attractive people know that selfishness is ugliest when it’s on the physically privileged. There is something magical about genuine selflessness and generosity. So the moment you try to offer yourself freely, you will see the universe embracing you and showering you with love.

5. Smile

Stay happy, stay positive and make it a point to always SMILE! Extremely likeable people love life, and all aspects of it. They enjoy the pleasure of challenges as much as they enjoy the rewards of success. They are humble by heart and always have a positive outlook. The key is to making the most of every minute and live in the moment. Likeable people are not afraid to share their joy in their movements and on their face. So if you ever feel unattractive, try finding the little joys in your day and express each positive notion with a big SMILE! Trust me it always helps. Soon or later people around you will wonder what’s causing your happiness and want to join you in experience that joy.

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