How to be a good BOSS

There is a difference between being a good manager and being a good boss, not to mention they both need strong leadership qualities. According to a recent research, 86 percent of employees believe that if they get along well with their boss they are more productive.

Pressure and deadlines don’t always work towards bringing out productivity; it’s more about how a boss manages and spearheads his team, which is also directly linked to the fact that how well they are liked by others.

Here is a list of 5 habits of highly likable bosses:

1. Positivity

Being positive is the most important attitude for a boss. Even in times of gloom and despair if a boss can maintain positivity, it helps raise the entire teams’ spirit and motivation. As a rule of thumb, be optimistic and genuine with the people working around you and they will be more likely to react in the same way, making the workplace a healthy and constructive place to be.

2. Availability

Leadership in any organization should always be available for face time with their employees. Team members are more likely to come to their bosses with ideas and potential solutions when their bosses make it clear that they value their employees’ opinions and want to hear them. So be there and be available.

3. Flexibility

Work happens; deadlines are met and with all of that life happen, so it’s always good to be real and flexible. Be understanding and open minded when things go wrong, and accept that people make mistakes. As a good boss you should have the ability to decipher what is important and what is not. Be flexible in trying new options and know when to let go to diffuse a highly tense situation in your team.

4. Appreciative

Positive feedback is very important to boost the morale of any individual or a team. Praise and appreciation is just important as criticism, and you should make it a point to complement your people for a job well done. Always keep your appreciations fresh, true and always mean it.

5. Friendship

Greeting people by their names and making small talk can go a long way in building good relationships. Always try to understand people as humans first and then employees. Involve yourself into their conversations, give friendly advice and always offer help. Building strong and friendly relationships can help you bring about a sense of oneness and ownership in your team.

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